Stopping the celebration

So you've just got married, your happy, very happy indeed - one of the most anticipated and nerve wrecking parts of your day is done... you're officially married congratulations!!! 

You'll want to relax now and more importantly have a well deserved drink with your family and friends, I call this one of the emotional peaks of your day - where you're all giddy little kippers, there's hugs flying left right and centre, big sloppy kisses from aunts, back slapping and hand shakes from friends, it's a lovely time to see!

Then up looms the bloody photographer, gotta get the photos done you see, breaking it all up like a right fun sponge, I've been a guest at loads of weddings and it annoys the crap out of everyone.  Standing around for ages, waiting for the group photos to be finished, there's always people missing (probably at the bar doing tequilas trying to avoid the ordeal), the rest of us mill around like a pack of bad extras from The Walking Dead, no-one's got a clue what's happening, your face is aching from all those camera smiles.. Jees it's painful, like some sadistic person has invented a game to hack everyone off - yes that'll be the photographer!

I hate that whole part of the day, so I don't subject people to it, funnily enough the guests arrange all this stuff themselves during the course of the day, and they make it fun, so you'll get your group shots just without all the torture.

Don't get me wrong, if you absolutely want a big group picture that's fine, I'm not n arsehole about it, quick & painless though. My record is 1 minute 4 seconds for a large group picture, and that's only if you want one. 

I say enjoy your day, its much more, well, enjoyable.