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“There’s NO WAY you’re the photographer, if you’re the photographer I’m Mary Poppins! Are you really just the photographer?”

Brides Mother

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I'm Paul. Into indie music, travelling, big dirty burgers + Weddings.

I'm like a wedding crasher, a professional one.

I'll laugh, dance, embrace your day fully + yes, I'll party hard with you later on + take a bunch of fantastic pictures along the way.

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I love creative, fun, non-traditional weddings & people who are totally madly crazy in love. Big weddings, small weddings - doesn't bother me. Location anywhere, wherever you are I’ll come and celebrate your day with you if you like the cut of my jib.

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“OMG OMG OMG our pictures are AMAZING!! Everyone is raving about you, seriously Paul you are incredible!”

Bride, Cheshire


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My job is to make your day look fucking awesome!

…..and that's what I do.

The original wedding photography rule breaker, absolutely no clichés, shoes on fences, dresses in trees (it looks better on you), NO cheesy smiles ‘till your face hurts, honest. I’m laid back, relaxed and completely un-in-your-face. I guarantee no awkward posing because we’ve all got better things to be doing on your wedding day than spending hours getting pictures done. Your pictures will reflect you as a couple & show the fun, energy + excitement of your day as it happens. It’s faff free photography at its’ finest.

If you’re looking for a +1 at your wedding who takes a pretty mean picture and won’t stop proceedings to do it, I’d love to hear from you.

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“I’d like to introduce Paul, our official wedding photographer. He’s been with us all week and safe to say most of you didn’t know that was the reason he was here, he’s been more like a member of the family than the photographer. Just how good at fitting in is this guy, fooled most of you all week!!! Thanks Paul, you’ve made the whole thing so easy for everyone.”

Grooms speech.