Wedding photography for people who want something different - without having to pose for a picture once.

For the camera shy, the crazies, the quirky and the truly in love. It’s different, but we weren’t all meant to be boring and average were we?

…..that’s my sales pitch.

Turn the volume up, press play - if you get my approach I’d absolutely love to be part of your day!

Without a doubt the best decision we made about our entire wedding was booking Paul! He’s incredible !
— Molly & Rich, London, UK
bride and groom first dance outside at a luxury wedding location in lake como, italy
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bride and groom enjoying a first dance outdoors at a luxury wedding villa in lake como italy
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A unique approach

All the pictures you see on my website have been taken without people feeling the need to pull those strange camera faces, without them feeling awkward and without half of them even knowing I’m actually there to photograph a wedding as a photographer - it’s not witchcraft or magic, nor is it something I’m saying to fool you into choosing me as your photographer. It’s a result of years of refining an approach that allows people to fully relax during a wedding, without feeling like they have a photographer hovering around them all day.

In fact I don’t behave like a photographer at all, which sounds weird yet here they are, up close, candid pictures of people enjoying a wedding. All taken with a small camera, all completely unobtrusive. Imagine how relaxing that is for you and your guests, you get to simply enjoy your day, no posing, no timetable, no awkwardness. As a result of this approach you get a very personal story of your wedding day, full of natural moments, completely unscripted, where people genuinely look relaxed and more importantly like themselves.

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I’m Paul,

Welsh born, living in Cheshire. Married, 2 kids, shiny head, not bad with a camera. Found photography when my hair fell out as a way of coping, growing a beard to compensate - head appears to be upside-down.

Photographed weddings all over the world, based in the UK. Passionate storyteller through pictures, hate big cameras, don’t use them - far too intrusive. Relaxed and easygoing, odd sense of humor sometimes. Can’t stand posed pictures, make people look like they’ve got a stick up their backside - much prefer natural smiles and interactions. Will do posed stuff if arm bent enough, might be sick doing it though, so bring a sick bag.

Internationally recognized by peers and people who know about photography as not crap at what I do. People get on planes to get training from me, mentor to other documentary wedding photographers across the world. Love being a photographer, like a good party - weddings seemed like a good thing to take pictures of. Terrible dancer, although 7/10 for effort during your party. Will accept tequila shots if offered. Will stay until the very end if you’re not all sat down doing nothing. Longest wedding photographed 21 hours.

Running out of things to say….get to know me more by clicking on my handsome face in the picture below:

One of the top wedding photographers in the world right now. Paul has a unique talent for photographing a wedding completely from a guest perspective, he’s a trailblazer who defines the non-intrusive approach. This isn’t Documentary Wedding Photography, it goes way beyond that.
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The best photographer on the planet because he’s not even like a photographer - utterly, utterly brilliant ! We knew the pictures would be outstanding and they were, we didn’t really appreciate Paul’s unique approach until our day, boy are we glad we chose him! It’s honestly like not having a photographer with you at all !
— Holly & Tom, Italy
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Get me here:

You can check your date using the form below or carry on browsing around if you’re not sure yet. One thing I absolutely believe in is making sure couples are completely set on my approach and pictures, there’s no pressure here to ‘hurry up and book’, please don’t rush into things - it’s a huge decision and it really needs to be the right one for you.

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Weddings photographed across the UK and Internationally.


Weird name huh?

Where did it come from, I’ll tell you because I get asked this at every wedding - why not just “Paul’s wedding pics”, or “Paul Jarrett Photography” (because that’s my name). So here’s the story behind the name. Myself, Isabella and Jacob were playing superheroes one day (dressed up of course) Isabella being a little miss bossy pants wanted to chose the names, J (short for Jacob) and myself being mere male weren’t about to disagree.

She named herself superkid, me superdaddy and there followed a big debate as to what to call J (because he couldn’t be called superkid and he cried at the name blockhead, melonhead and pooppants - he was 2 at the time), so she blurted out bomknights. We all liked it, so bomknights was born, the saucepan on head, caped crusader. We called him bomknights for 6 months after that too.

Anyway, that name had such fond memories for me I decided to rename as bomknights photography, makes me smile every time I say it to people - picturing the little band legged, nappy wearing superhero.