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Hello, I’m Paul.

My name isn’t bomknights, it’s a made up name by my 5 year old daughter for her 2 year old brother as a superhero name. I stole it. Now you know the kind of guy you’re dealing with and where the name came from. To me it means good times, running around with saucepans on our heads pretending to be superheroes…it makes me feel good, I’m also glad she didn’t call him bumhole.

I’m a specialist, a 100% genuine bonafide Documentary Wedding Photographer. I specialise in moments, real ones. Things you’ll remember from your day, things you won’t, things you won’t have even noticed. More than all that, I know how to tell your story and how to do it properly…. know my shit, I’m good at it.

You’ll either love what you see here or you won’t, there’s no middle ground. I like to attract couples who want pictures to look back on that scream “This was our day, this is us, this is who we are.” Pictures to talk about, ones that bring back real memories, ones that say look how happy we were - yeah, one’s to show your kids and grandkids (to prove you weren’t always an old fogey).

You commit to pictures like that and I’ll promise you no intrusion, no awkward posing, and absolutely no need to schedule any of your day around me. I promise you real memories, not staged ones. I real, raw, honest personal story of your wedding. I promise to give a shit about your memories, to stay with you all day and night….I promise to do your day justice.

a uk documentary wedding photographer based in cheshire
Absolutely the best decision we made about our entire wedding was booking Paul to be part of it. There was just something about him that drew us in, his candidness and honesty on his website was a welcome change from the norm - he didn’t just say things for the sake of it, he came across as genuinely passionate about what he does, laid back and had a great sense of humour. His pictures were real and honest, everyone looked relaxed in them - we loved that.

We were so glad we found him, he really did tell the story of our day - we laughed, cried, and relived our day all over again when we saw our sneak preview. Our full gallery was incredible, beyond our expectations by a mile!

He’s also a great guy to have around on your wedding day, a huge calming influence in the morning and throughout the day, he brings positive energy just at the right time and knew when to take a step back. He gets on with absolutely everyone and simply mingles and talks with everyone, he had a dance with my Nan at night and took (and gave) a whole bunch of banter abuse from our rowdy army mates but equally fitted in with our posher relatives. He fitted into our day like an old friend. It’s hard to do justice just how unlike a photographer he is! You need him at your wedding, honestly you do...book him you won’t regret it!

Look at these, some pictures I made for people

I could tell you anything really and you’d probably believe me, but I don’t want you to take my word for it so I’ve created a private Facebook group for prospective Brides and Grooms that’s got past Brides and Grooms in it. You can ask anything you like, feel free to reach out and pose those difficult questions in complete privacy. They’ll all answer you honestly, nothing is off limits and there’s no other ‘wedding vendor’ type people here, so no sales pitches and certainly no pressure - speak your mind, ask what you like! Simply click the button below to request access, It’s our little bomknights family…welcome to the family!

Read these, some things people have to say:

OMG OMG OMG our pictures are AMAZING!! How can we ever thank you enough, everything we expected and more!!!! You’re an absolute legend, everyone has been talking about you, thank you so much for making our day so easy, thank you for our incredible memories, thank you for for everything !!!
This guy is the nuts! If you want to see what a wedding really feels like, look at his work. He’s set the bar high for pure documentary wedding photography!
A unique and insightful story of your wedding day. It’s real, raw, completely candid and all about you. This isn’t wedding photography, it’s a personal record of one of the best days of your life.
Having Paul at our wedding added to the day, and I doubt many people can say that about their photographer. He is not a time-stealer and lets you get on with celebrating in whatever way you want, you really couldn’t ask for more.

2017 in review. What a great one it was too !!

Sara & Paul | A fun wedding at The Belle Epoque in Knutsford, Cheshire

Jade & Tom | A Summer Wedding at Merrydale Manor in Cheshire

Deb & Jim | A small intimate wedding in Pontefract

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