Wedding Photography with a load of f*#k yeah !

A unique, relaxed documentary wedding photographer from Cheshire for people who appreciate real memories of their wedding day and want the best pictures possible of their celebration.  I'm a relaxed wedding photographer based in Cheshire, offering  'guest eye view', personal, fun and non-intrusive Documentary wedding photography across Cheshire, Manchester, the UK and Europe.  

A relaxed Wedding Photographer for people who don't want to pose

 The best relaxed, quirky and fun wedding photographer in Cheshire

Wedding Photography that says  

"Holy shit, look how good our wedding was"

Let's take all those wedding photography clichés, all the staged stuff that's not you, the awkwardness of posing for pictures, the tight lipped smiles, the feeling like you're on show and the amount of time you waste - let's take all those things, put them in a box, lock it up and throw them down a big deep hole.

Hold it. There's pictures here.  


People who ask me to photograph their wedding don't want to think about their wedding pictures, they want to get on with their day.  They don't want a "wedding photographer" but they do want pictures to remember it by.  Pictures that tell a real story, full of their character and personality, all unique to them.

 the best unique relaxed wedding photography cheshire


What I like...scratch that, what I LOVE is people who know what they want, and that's a wedding day they can simply enjoy.  Couples who are relaxed enough to trust me to show their day for what it really was, who can't be bothered with a wedding photographer and all the hassle it brings (or really dislike the thought of having to pose for pictures).  People who's idea of group pictures (if they even want any) is to get them over with as fast as humanly possible.  Yeah, cool ass couples who'll put their complete trust in me, they're the people for me.

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"The most un-wedding photographer like wedding photographer ever!  There's no fuss, no drama, no delays and no intrusion.  The pictures Paul takes are ridiculously good, the pure essence of people at their happiest, it's like he's known everyone for years, there's a connection there with people that you just don't see anywhere else.  It really is like he's a guest at the wedding who happens to be really good at taking pictures!"

If you love my wedding pictures, want a unique & relaxed approach to wedding photography, then I'd absolutely love to speak to you about your wedding plans. 

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I'm a Cheshire based internationally acclaimed Street & Documentary Wedding Photographer.  Giving people kick ass memories throughout the UK, along with offering a select few destination weddings across Europe & Internationally