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I’m Paul, a Documentary Wedding Photographer based in Cheshire. Shooting weddings across the UK and Europe for people who don’t want to spend their wedding day posing for pictures.

I won’t interrupt your celebrations, I’ll be there as a guest and show you how you celebrated your wedding, how you partied, how you felt, how you loved.



How do you want the memories of your day to look? Staged, awkward a bit stiff? Personally I’d rather give you something a bit more personal, more “How fucking amazing was our wedding!!!”



Pictures made just for you

Pictures that bring back real memories of your wedding, pictures to laugh at, pictures to cry over, embarrassing pictures of your friends, pictures of you looking ridiculously happy, pictures of you looking ridiculous, pictures of the real you, pictures that tell your story. Lots and lots and lots of pictures made just for you. Your memories, your feelings, your wedding day.


Paul is unique. We’d seen plenty of wedding photographers at friends weddings and were dreading even looking for one ourselves, we hate being centre of attention and pictures were a necessary evil that we weren’t looking forward to. The ones at our friends weddings all claimed to not be intrusive etc etc but they were!! Paul isn’t a wedding photographer, he’s a guest with a camera, he really is! Everything he says on his website is absolutely true. Best decision we made about our wedding without a doubt!!!
The perfect photographer for us, our pictures are incredible. We’ve laughed, cried, spent hours looking through them, each time we notice something new! Paul photographed our personalities and became one of the family for the day doing it.

We’re happy to call him a good friend now and I’m sure not many couples can say that about their photographer.
Words could never explain just how happy we are that we found you. Not just for our pictures that we can’t stop looking at, for how at ease everyone felt around you and the lasting impression you made. Fantastic photographer, even better person!

If you really want to relax on your wedding day, this is the photographer for you, within minutes you’ll feel like you’ve known him for years!

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Why choose me?

- I’m with you all day and night, you get the full story of your wedding

- I’m recognised as one of the best Documentary Wedding Photographers in Europe

- My approach is completely unique I blend in, guests often think I’m a family member, not a photographer

- I specialise in real Documentary Photography, ideal for people who don’t want to pose

- I’m not a dick, I’m also incredibly charming, very very funny, a fantastic dancer and not bad with a camera (some of these are true)

Getting in touch

Prime dates do go very quickly with couples booking on average two years in advance. If you want to check your date with me, please fill in the contact form below. I won’t give you a sales pitch or harass you with follow-up emails but I will do my very best to get back to you within 48 hours.

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If you have any questions, here’s a page that will hopefully answer quite a few of them.