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Easy tiger, let's get to know each other first

Photographing someone's wedding (for me) is a hugely enjoyable experience, that's because I attract the right people.  After all, I don't want to be hanging around all day with a bunch of people I really don't like - that would be stupid and the pictures would look terrible, not terrible, just not as good as the could be. 

You don't want a photographer hanging around you who you don't like either....maybe you do, maybe you're weird like that, who knows, but rest assured I am extremely likeable.

Anyway, enough chatter from me, contact form below, get it filled in - looking forward to hearing from you.

- Paul

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  Please remember to check your junk email folder, sometimes my replies go there.

Now you've completed the form here's a special little group for you.  It's private so don't worry, has plenty of past / present and current brides and grooms in it.  I created it as a safe place to chat about your wedding, ask any questions, blow off some steam or swap ideas.  Feel free to join and more importantly ask anything you want, everyone there is completely honest, there's no other wedding type vendors or sellers in it, it's a tranquil haven of loveliness. 


Email me at | call me on 07702 139570 if you want a chat

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