It's OK to fail

I could make this about photography, but really it's about anything in life.  Sometimes things get hard, a bit too much, as a photographer I struggle to remain creative sometimes outside of weddings and other paid work - but really you just have to knuckle down and do it for your own sake, it's better to make mistakes and push yourself when you aren't getting paid than to let someone else down. 

Rather than talk about personal experiences relating to photography I'll use my 7 year old daughter as a bloody good example of someone who knuckled down and showed some real determination.

Taken from my personal Facebook page:

”Isabella did her karate grading at the weekend she’s 7 years old. She worked her ass off for 2 hours straight and made me incredibly proud. She got held back on the final test where she had to fight against 2 people simultaneously and didn't get her belt. She was devastated and cried all the way home.

She hadn't sparred up until that point, had no gear and went into panic mode refusing to do it. Sparring is a daunting experience the first time, being asked to do it in front of 60 other kids and a bunch of adults (and the fact it was vs 2 opponents) she was devastated she didn't do it or get her belt and nervous about going back.

So we got her some kit and took her back so she could ask if she could do some sparring, she wasn’t told to do this, she decided she wanted to. This is her first time, when it finished she asked "can I fight 2 people now"

Kids need these lessons, not everything will be handed to them on a plate, they'll have to do things they don't want to, to face their fears and really earn things. In a society of "everyone's a winner, here's a medal for taking part" kids need to learn they can't always win, they need to learn how to lose sometimes and how to move forward from it.

Isabella learned a valuable lesson over the weekend and tonight, she's learned to lose but not give up or dwell on it, she learned to face something she was scared of doing and she did it”

So here’s a lesson for all of us, if a 7 year old girl can do it (the titch in the pink stuff), we all can. Chin up buttercup !