Fuji 18mm prime lens ftw

I only shoot Fuji 18mm and what…

People ask a fair bit what lens I use, so that’s it - says so in the title. End of blog post….well that was easy, pass the tequila

Nah but seriously. I’ve been using the Fuji 18mm prime for forever. tell a lie, actually when I first got into the Fuji system I had an 18 and sold it in exchange for the 35 1.4 - better lens according to the reviews, sharper and all that stuff. So I bought it. Lovely lens, very sharp ya de ya, just didn’t do it for me though, I liked the focal length of the 18, it’s how I saw and continue to see the world photographically.

You see, photography isn’t really about sharpness, and numbers and chromatic aberration and all that stuff - not really. So the 18 that plenty of people on paper say is the gippy one of the family is absolutely perfect for me because that’s how I see things, my brain works in a 28 equivalent fov (27.5 if you want to be completely anal about it).

Reasons why I shoot with only one lens? Why complicate things? For me photography is about moments, a slice in time. One lens removes the need to think about anything else other than taking pictures, my brain is pre-programmed to see things from the fov of this lens. I’m completely free to concentrate on the things around me, it’s one less thing to occupy my mind. It’s liberating actually.

I’m not saying “Yo, everyone go out and shoot this lens it’s brilliant”, technically it isn’t, technically it’s the runt of the litter - but if I started giving a fuck about stuff like that I wouldn’t be a photographer now would I?

For the record, everything you see on my website is shot with the 18. So my advice to anyone searching for the ever elusive answer to the questions “Which lens is better”, “What lens should I use?” - find a focal length that suits YOU and use that one.

Stop reading bullshit reviews and blogs about lenses and numbers and stats and all that other nonsense - spend your time taking pictures….off you go then…

Thanks for reading.

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Paul Jarrett