A bit about you

It's a big day isn't it, your wedding.  Lot's of planning, lots of thought gone into it, maybe the odd argument, it's a big deal...a really big deal.  I get that.

That's why the people you choose to make it all happen have to be right, absolutely right, more-so perhaps when it comes to the pictures...you can't go back and do it again if your photographer is a bit crap, or they annoy the hell out of you on your wedding day.

I'm rather different to the majority of wedding photographers out there, not just in my pictures and approach to photographing your wedding day, but it's also a big deal for me who's wedding I photograph.  I firmly believe it should be a two way thing or the pictures will be rather impersonal and rubbish.

If I'm not 100% confident that you've got 100% confidence in me to do your day full justice.....then we aren't going to work well together and I’ll politely tell you. We both want great pictures so it’s best we’re completely honest with each other.

Your character, your wants & don't wants

Who you are is a big deal for me, what you want from your wedding photography is a big deal for both of us, equally as important are the things we don't want.  While you're deciding if you want me at your wedding, I'm deciding if I want to be at your wedding, hopefully we agree on most of the points below, if we do then we're off to a good start:

  • You care about having pictures of people (including you) enjoying your day exactly as it is

  • It doesn't matter if you're massively anxious about having your picture taken, or you're the worlds biggest extrovert overflowing with 'camera loves me attitude' - what matters is you really don't want to perform like a dancing monkey on your wedding day for pictures

  • You trust me 100% that your wedding photography is in safe hands...you're not a massive control freak who'll spend more time telling me what to do than enjoying your own wedding day

  • You want wedding pictures that aren't contrived or set up, you don't want a false representation of your day, and you certainly don't want your wedding turning into a pantomime for the sake of photographs

  • You don't want 100's of group pictures that completely ruin the experience of your day *note I'm not an insensitive idiot to old folks, I appreciate they may wish to grab me on the day for an impromptu picture with you - but you don't want it to dictate the day or miss hours of it

  • You want pictures that really represent you as people, something to look at when you're really old and grumpy that you did know how to have fun, that your wedding was full of all the good things a wedding should be full of.....you want pictures with personality

  • Basically you're a nice couple who's a bit of a laugh, you've got a good bunch of friends and you want an honest story of your wedding day with nothing held back. It doesn't matter where you're getting married, it matters who you are.


I'm a Cheshire based Documentary Wedding Photographer covering the UK, Europe and destination weddings overseas.  My approach is strictly Reportage, Documentary, Photojournalism, Street at weddings.  Completely unobtrusive, fully relaxed, unique and exclusive to you.  I shoot a strictly limited number weddings throughout the UK and worldwide, from small intimate ceremonies to high-end luxury weddings.  As a non-traditional, unposed wedding photographer, my belief is 'people, not places' make for pictures you will treasure.