Every wedding is unique, they’re made up of big moments and small moments. While there are the traditional things you would expect to see in wedding pictures there’s also the story itself. That story is made by all the people at your wedding, and I personally think as a photographer I should show all the things that make a wedding what it is.

You’ll see a lot of pictures here that don’t mean much to you on a personal level because you don’t know the people in them. However, to the people who’s wedding it was these pictures are often their favourite ones because they show the real memories of the wedding day. Sometimes they’re silly little in-jokes or interactions between people, they could be pictures of people really enjoying themselves who actually hate having their picture taken but there they are looking like themselves having a great time.

To me, that’s the value of what I do (and the way I do it), stories and personalities. I hope you enjoy this gallery and relate to your own wedding planning and the people who’ll be there with you.

- Paul