Meh, local Trevor will do it for half the price…you’re all the same anyway.


OK here we go…

First I have to say, I’m not here to tell you that you MUST value photography above anything else to do with your wedding, or you MUST divert funds from other things to pay for me, everyone has different priorities I get that. Some people value music more than pictures, other people value good food and fine wine, others perhaps a free bar all night for your guests - you’re adults and you know your own minds and jeesusss it’s your wedding, not mine! Here’s what I will say, assuming you do value pictures though.

Your wedding is going to be one of the biggest and best days of your life, you’ll share it with everyone dear to you for a single day! That’s a big deal, I should know I’m married, been there and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, we created some incredible memories that will last a lifetime and so will you.

It’s a fact that people who are very good at what they do charge their worth, photography is no exception. In fact, photographing a wedding is unlike any other form of photography - everything is a one shot opportunity, there are no retakes, or studios, no second chances. The important moments that happen, they happen quickly and they have to be captured in a split second, there’s variable weather, lighting conditions, the randomness of people and a whole load of other stuff - weddings are hard to photograph without stuffing it up.

To shoot a wedding you not only have to be a great photographer technically, but also a real people person, it’s all very well being good with a camera but if you have the personality of a Bran from Game of Thrones you’re going to rub people up the wrong way - and that can tarnish a wedding day for a couple, the people there and lead to terrible memories of your day.

A photographer not only has to be excellent, they also have to be 100% on their A-game for an entire day, a wedding doesn’t allow you to lose concentration for a second and that’s where experience comes in. Sure, you can save a few ££ by going with a cheaper options but you certainly get what you pay for. The money you’re investing is in your memories - that money buys you years of experience, your photographers individual shooting and editing style, their creativity and vision of your big day, and more importantly consistency - a quality photographer will give you a full gallery of great pictures, a lesser photographer and you’ll be lucky to get 20. They are the things that make your wedding pictures what they are and something you’ll enjoy for years to come.

As a photographer I think your pictures are perhaps THE most important thing you should invest in…obviously I would say that, it’s how I earn my living. However if you can afford it, or find the money to afford it, don’t think you’re being clever saving a few £ or you will kick yourselves at some point. The photographer offering you the moon on a stick for £500 isn’t in the same league as someone who charges a lot more.

It’s completely your decision though, if you don’t really care about pictures go spend your money on something else - I fully understand that.

If you’ve got any immediate questions it’s worth checking out here: Frequently asked questions or continue to browse my other pages.

Thanks very much for reading,