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Storytelling; The art of

Every wedding is unique, your next couple are different from your last couple. Giving everyone the same old pictures from wedding to wedding is cheating them, it says nothing about who they are as people, it’s not their story, it’s a bullshit template applied to each and every wedding. If you want to mess about with smoke bombs, prisms, fairy lights, flash modifiers and give every couple the same set of pictures with different faces this isn’t for you. If you want to tell their story, it is.

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We’ll cover;

Being part of a wedding, not an outsider.

Get intimate images without being a pain in the ass.

The art of hiding in plain sight.

Keeping things simple.

Wedding photography preconceptions, lies and bollocks.

You don’t need to take 20,000 pictures a wedding & get on people’s tits all day.

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