Kind words.

“Hi Paul, I know you’re super busy but I just wanted to say I’ve spent the past few days looking at the photos from Hannah’s wedding and I honestly just wanted to thank you. You captured some absolutely incredible moments from throughout the day of us all forming some intrinsically valuable bonds. You even caught the first time I ever fed my niece. I remember sitting there alone in the room thinking “this is amazing I wish Jenny could see this” but little did I know you were down the corridor taking a little picture. It’s special moments like that that thanks to you I will treasure for the rest of my life. The wedding was alright too 😉! Honestly, thank you! You’re amazing!”

Bridesmaid message via Instagram


Grace + Matt

OMG you’ve made me cry, why have you made me cry, I don’t cry at anything, I love you, you’ve made me so happy, even though I’m crying I still love you, you’re the best!!!


As soon as Paul turned up in the morning I instantly knew we’d made the right decision. He’s so easygoing, we chatted like old friends even though we had never met. He just slots in like you’ve known him for years, everyone warmed to him instantly, he’s funny, totally professional, works damn hard but makes it look like he’s doing nothing, super chilled out, incredibly helpful (ferried my bridesmaids around, went to pick up a flower girl dress, made brews) and just got involved with our day like one of the family. Our pictures are incredible, by the time he left at something like 2am we felt like we had made a brilliant new friend who actually cared about us and our day. He’s not a photographer, he’s so much more. Complete superstar!.
— Ellie & James, Scotland

If you want pictures that take you back to how you felt on your wedding day THIS is your guy. One of the best decisions about our entire wedding!
— Clare & Simon, Manchester

How he does what he does is baffling, he’s just like every other guest you invite to your day, he’s not in your face, or telling you what to do, or getting in everyone’s way - he’s just not like a photographer at all. You’ll look up and he’s in deep conversation with your Mum, playing football with the kids, or dancing with your Nan in the evening. He blends in, really blends in, no big cameras, no feeling awkward, people asked us “Why haven’t you got a photographer?. We wanted someone who we didn’t feel self-conscious around, or like we were on a photo shoot and Paul was the perfect choice!

Then he gives you the pictures and BANG, there’s this up close intimate story with everyone looking so happy, every little moment, every big moment, it’s like actually being back at our wedding again! It’s beautiful, brilliant, bold and REAL! Even better, no-one had to pose for a single picture, we were all left to enjoy ourselves! The best decision about our entire wedding was booking Paul!
— Chloe & Michael

OMG OMG OMG our pictures are AMAZING!! Everyone is raving about you, seriously Paul you are incredible ! We can’t begin to describe how happy we are we found you
— Becky & Simon, London

Paul is an absolute genius. His cleverness is with the seemingly ordinary things that happen at weddings - he’s 100% about the people, the emotion and the real memories, the pictures he takes are for the pleasure of the couple who’s wedding it is - not to impress the world but to preserve memories and bring back all those feelings from your day.

The simple interactions other people would not think to notice, Paul notices and focuses on them, they are photographed with such incredible timing, skill and character you can feel the relationships of the people in them, and when it’s your own wedding it’s these memories that will mean the most to you and it’s all done without you noticing he’s there.

Our wedding pictures are priceless to us! Don’t be fooled by flashy pictures you see on websites - if you want real memories of your wedding day Paul is the photographer for you.

The best decision we made about our whole wedding was booking him!
— Jessica & Toby, Cheshire

Paul’s videos popped up on my Facebook feed randomly before we were even engaged, and seeing his style was such a relief! We were engaged a few weeks later and I immediately told Mark I knew who our photographer had to be.

I emailed Paul basically asking when he was free for 2018, we were flexible and knew we didn’t want to stand around and pose for some awkward shots (that we would probably hate) on what should be the most fun day of our lives!

Skip forward 10 months to Paul turning up at my parents’ house the morning of our wedding, this is what I really thought…

On Paul. Throughout the run up to the wedding he communicated with me quickly and always with humour, it was the easiest part of our wedding to book and when he arrived at 9am on the 21st April it felt like I already knew him. We had a late wedding (3pm) and Paul wasn’t just the photographer, he spent time with all my family, FORCED me to start drinking prosecco to calm the restlessness, played scrabble with us and made sure my handbag made it into the bridal car, all while taking flippin loads of awesome photos.

So many of our guests commented that they didn’t realise Paul was the photographer, he managed to be everywhere at once and was very sneaky, lots of photos of those guests I know actively avoid having their photo taken. Such a lovely moment for Mark and I was when we were outside getting some air and out of nowhere Paul dropped a load of little print outs of some of the photos he had already taken, I love a spoiler and it proved that between the tequila shots he was actually doing his job ;).

Having Paul at our wedding added to the day, and I doubt many people can say that about their photographer. He is not a time-stealer but lets you get on with celebrating in whatever way you want, you really couldn’t ask for more.

On the photos. If you’re reading reviews of Paul’s work you have probably already decided you want something a little bit different, and my opinion is you can trust Paul, he has a fantastic eye and managed to be in the right place at the right time to capture all the little and big moments

What we got is photographs that capture the atmosphere of the day, of our friends enjoying themselves, of the mad dancing, and sweet little moments that aren’t posed, and personally I wouldn’t change that for all the group family shots in the world.

And brides… there will be unflattering photos of you dancing, but who cares? Mark and I look ridiculous and ridiculously happy in so many of them and I love it.

Make your day yours, don’t do anything you don’t want to just because it’s ‘tradition’, and make sure you have photos of real memories of what should be a day of celebration and excess!

Thanks again Paul, tequila next time your travels bring you this way ;)
— Abi & Mark

I actually found Paul through a wedding facebook page - seeing his showreels and how each photograph told the story of the wedding. Looking at other people’s weddings through his camera made me emotional!

This morning he sent me through our own showreel taster - emotions off the scale!!! 😂 Not only are the pictures artwork in themselves - they took me right back to the day and all the little moments that go by so fast in a blur and then the moments that I didn’t even see or was aware of and suddenly they are there and it is like I did see them. When you have an emotional connection to the people in the pictures, it is a whole other ball game!! We went totally documentary (apart for a 5 minute interlude to get a picture with the landrover....!!) and yet he has captured whole families together and gorgeous moments that you could never construct artificially. On an admin level, as soon as I booked him he kept in touch, asked questions, sent receipts for my invoices, sent contracts - all the things which put my mind at ease. And now I am pretty pleased to say that I would call him a friend - maybe one that lives far away from me but one, that for that day, immersed himself in our wedding and our families and joined in the fun and put us at ease and looked like he had a jolly good time as well!!
— Helen & Tris
Liverpool wedding photographer

Paul was so fabulous as our wedding photographer. He came out to Italy for a week and captured everything perfectly without any fuss or anything cringey. We could just get on with having a good time whilst Paul was around like another guest, like an old family friend who already knew everyone there. The photos are more amazing than we could have expected and capture the real moments of the celebrations, it is like being right back there when we look through the album. Would recommend BomKnights to anyone and friends who were at our wedding are already planning to book him for theirs. Thanks Paul it was a total hoot.
— Madeline & Rory
Paul was our photographer yesterday for our wedding and he truly was fantastic. Hilarious and cheeky and put me and my bridesmaids at ease beforehand and for that, I can’t thank you enough. Couldn’t have asked for anyone better to capture our special day. As he doesn’t do posey photos, you don’t spend a good hour or so away from your guests and you can enjoy your day with everybody around, whilst he snaps away without you realising. Can’t praise him highly enough. Thank you!!!!
— Claire & Curtis

Hiring Paul was hands down the best decision we made for our wedding!, we absolutely love our photos and have been showing them to family and friends and anyone who asks!

Within 5 mins of being at the house Paul put us completely at ease, it was like having a friend there and it was a really relaxed atmosphere that carried on through the day, he documented all of the wedding perfectly, there was no awkward poses or forced smiles, just moments captured amazingly.  The quality of the photos is amazing and Paul had them ready so quickly too which was a brilliant surprise!  We had amazing day and Paul was a big part of that!
— Jess & Matt

We found it really difficult to find a photographer for our wedding because so many people seemed to state they were relaxed and not the sort to interrupt but the pictures we saw didn’t really match what they were saying on their websites.  We had exactly the same issue at wedding fayres and were starting to feel quite despondent about the whole thing.

Then we came across Paul’s website (bomKnights) and the things he wrote about really matched exactly what we wanted, looking at the pictures of people looking relaxed and happy backed up everything he was saying.  We spent a week just looking through all his work and loved everything about it.  

Right from the start he was honest and direct, no desperation or pressure - just straight up advice.  

On the day he was superb, with us from the morning until late in the evening.  We didn’t relate to him as our photographer at all, his easygoing nature and relaxed attitude really did just let us get on with our day, everyone commented after how brilliant he was and a good amount of our guests didn’t even realise he was the photographer.

The pictures were amazing, every one of them meant something, even pictures of people we knew were completely camera phobic were like they didn’t know their picture was being taken (really amazing considering Paul mingles amongst everyone so they weren’t taken from across a room, he’s stood talking to people while taking pictures without them knowing - they’re just so natural like we are stood there ourselves).  

A thousand % recommend bomKnights to anyone who is looking for a genuine relaxed photographer who made us both cry in a good way when we saw our pictures.  Thank you for such wonderful memories!!!! xx