how to find a destination wedding photographer

I'm Paul aka bomKnights,

Professional wedding crasher…I get paid to go to weddings and enjoy myself, that’s like the coolest fucking job in the world!!!

I’m completely anti anything ‘Wedding Photography’, it’s just not for me - the formality, stuffiness, intruding on a couples day, annoying the guests. Totally, completely, absolutely against it.

Memories, specifically memories in pictures that’s what drives me, personal reasons - parents died when I was young, no recollection of them, no pictures either, grew up desperate to record memories in whatever form possible…it’s not a shitty sob story so you feel sorry for me, just so you understand my “WHY”…it’s a personal and important one to me - I really give a shit about memories.

Happily married for 10 years, we had a shit photographer, regretted it 1 year in. Both wish we knew then what we know now, how to find a decent one, how not to be suckered by bullshit sales patter, what to look for, how much to spend, still you live and learn nothing we can do about it now. That’s why I’m pretty straight talking about photography, sick of the wedding industry bollocks, figure the people who appreciate my candidness will appreciate it (also filters out tyre kickers and time wasters quite nicely).

2 kids, Jacob (5) and Isabella (8). So I’m a full time professional photographer and stay at home Dad often failing in my never ending task of keeping the kids looking as unferral as possible.

I like travelling, plenty of different music, tequila, crossfit and lots of other stuff, oh and we all want a dog but we haven’t got one yet, but this isn’t a dating site so I’ll stop with the bad bio stuff right now.

Hopefully you’re a cool couple, or at least just about tolerable and we’ll be chatting soon.


Ah, you might want to know where the name bomknights came from, it’s a made up superhero name for JJ (the boy), his sister called him it when they were playing. We all liked it and called him bomknights for months. Here he is…bomknights.