how to find a destination wedding photographer

Hello, I'm Paul aka bomKnights

A street and social documentary photographer based in Cheshire, UK who specialises in photographing weddings in a very relaxed manner. I shoot weddings across the UK and Europe for people who want something a bit more informal from their wedding photographer. In fact I was the first UK photographer to come up with the approach of “being like a guest at weddings”, using words like unobtrusive, unposed, relaxed etc while only using a single small camera and one lens to do it (so as to not stand out, but rather blend in). Since then I’ve spent 6 years refining and refining this approach to make a wedding as fuss free and relaxed as possible for the couples who book me.

I have to say I absolutely fucking love weddings and being a photographer at weddings, it’s the coolest job in the world probably because I don’t see it as a job - if I could afford to do it for free I would, but I can’t so you have to pay me to come to yours.

I’m Incredibly happily married for nearly 10 years to my wife Emma, it’s this October actually and we’re going to New York to celebrate - I can’t wait! We’ve two kids Isabella (7) and Jacob (4) both a pair of little dudes, we all live in Cheshire and when I’m not out photographing I’m hanging out with the family.

Aside from taking pictures I spend a fair amount of time mentoring other photographers around the world on defining their own style of photography, rather than following the ‘industry’ way of doing things. I’d love to see much more diversity in the wedding photography world where photographers can express themselves as artists rather than copy the latest trends and workshop advice! Ultimately I want people getting married to have a much wider choice of photographers to choose from and the truly talented and passionate photographers to really stand out and find their own photographic voice rather than just bobbing along with the wedding industry expectations.

Any spare time I get is dedicated fully to my family, one of the reasons I became self employed was to give me the freedom to see my kids growing up and have a healthy work-life balance.

Anyway, enough waffle from me for now, nice to meet you and hopefully we’ll get to meet in person.


Paul is unique there’s no doubt about that! We vetted a lot of photographers over the course of a year, followed lots on social media for a long time - out of all of them Paul was the only one who actually lived up to the words he writes. We only know that because we happened to be evening guests at a wedding he was photographing, pure co-incidence and a real stroke of luck. When we arrived we saw no sign of a photographer at the wedding ‘one of those early leavers’ we said to each other. After an hour we asked our friends who their photographer was. When they said bomknights our hearts sank, he was on our list of favourites (at the top actually) - there was no sign of him although he claimed to stay well into the evening on his website . We then asked why he’d left early, they said he hadn’t and pointed him out - he was at the bar with the groomsmen drinking tequila shots, then he was on the dance floor dancing with our friends grandma, then chatting to various people, then dancing with the bride, we watched him like weird pervert stalkers (sorry Paul!) and we knew this was the photographer we wanted at our wedding.

Funnily enough during the hour we were there he’d already spoken to us, just a chat about how great the day had been and the usual wedding small talk, at no point did he mention he was a photographer and at no point did we think he was a photographer. Can this guy blend in? Damn right he can!!

We went straight up to him after a few drinks and pretty much gushed we wanted to book him there and then! This is another thing I think makes him different, he promised to bring us a card over before we left (which he did), he also said to make absolutely sure by having a good look through his website to read about his approach and ethos and also to have a chat with any of the bridal party - he wanted us to make absolutely sure before doing anything, honestly we would have handed the deposit over that night to be fair, but his completely honest “no sales pitch” advice made us even more eager to have him at our wedding - after attending what felt like a million wedding shows and having photographers giving us the sales patter it was such a refreshing change, even when we told him we’d been following him for ages he still insisted we spent a couple of days making the final decision. He genuinely cares about the right people booking him, he’s not there to just take the money - from our experience there aren’t many people like that left these days!!

Needless to say on our wedding he was everything we expected and much much more. Everything was just so easy, the booking the not having to answer a million questions, the relaxed nature of it all was perfect and that continued throughout the whole day - it is honestly like having someone you’ve known for years there. Our pictures are.....we can’t even find words to do them justice...perfect, magnificent, outstanding, exceptional the list goes on.

Paul is the perfect photographer for people who ‘get’ his approach, there’s no-one else like him around! An exceptional photographer and a thoroughly decent guy.
— Abigail & James, London