how to find a destination wedding photographer

Hello, I'm Paul aka bomKnights

A street and social documentary photographer based in Cheshire who specialises in photographing weddings in a rather unique way. I shoot weddings across the UK and Europe for people who want something a bit more informal from their wedding photographer. In fact I was the first UK photographer to come up with the approach of “being like a guest at weddings”, using words like unobtrusive, unposed, relaxed etc while only using a single small camera and one lens to do it (so as to not stand out). Since then I’ve spent 6 years refining and perfecting this approach to make a wedding as fuss free and relaxed as possible for the couples who book me.

I have to say I absolutely fucking love weddings and being a photographer at weddings, it’s the coolest job in the world - probably because I don’t see it as a job - if I could afford to do it for free I would, but I can’t so you have to pay me to come to yours.

I’m Incredibly happily married for nearly 10 years to my wife Emma, it’s this October actually and we’re going to New York to celebrate - I can’t wait! We’ve two kids Isabella (7) and Jacob (4) both a pair of little dudes, we all live in Cheshire and when I’m not out photographing I’m hanging out with the family.


Aside from taking pictures I spend a fair amount of time mentoring other photographers around the world on defining their own style of photography, rather than following the ‘industry’ way of doing things. I’d love to see much more diversity in the wedding photography world where photographers can express themselves as artists rather than copy the latest trends and workshop advice! Ultimately I want people getting married to have a much wider choice of photographers to choose from and the truly talented and passionate photographers to really stand out and find their own photographic voice rather than just bobbing along with the wedding industry expectations.

Any spare time I get is dedicated fully to my family, one of the reasons I became self employed was to give me the freedom to see my kids growing up and have a healthy work-life balance.

Anyway, enough waffle from me for now, nice to meet you and hopefully we’ll get to meet in person.