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I'm Paul aka bomKnights

A specialist Documentary Wedding Photographer based in Cheshire. I promise no disruption to your day, no posing required (unless you want to) and no awkwardness for you or your guests.

My daughter made up the name bomknights as a superhero name for her little brother, we both called him bomknights for quite a while after that - so I adopted the name, it reminds me of that day we were all running around like idiots laughing our heads off with saucepans on our heads being superheroes. So to me, the word bomknights means memories !

One thing I never really understood about the whole wedding thing was putting people on show, parading them round for pictures and the intrusiveness, not to mention awkwardness of the whole thing. I’m a firm believer a wedding should be left alone, it’s a day like no other and I don’t want your memories to be partly taken up by the time you spent with your photographer.

Why memories are important to me | Why I photograph weddings

My Dad passed away when I was 2, my Mum when I was 16.  I have no memories of my Dad whatsoever, very few of my mum.  A while ago I was contacted by someone who knew my parents, they had a number of boxes belonging to my Mum and Dad.  Those boxes contained pictures my Dad had taken, a wedding album, along with various other things - random albums of my Dad's time spent travelling the world as a policeman - Jerusalem, Nigeria, the far east - beautiful black and white pictures of daily life.  There were pictures of me as a kid (sitting outside wearing a sunhat with my todger out - why do parents do that, why), a couple of my dad holding me as a baby, pictures of me and my mum. I mean shit man, that’s when I realized how important photographs were.

These pictures had a large personal impact on me. How much they actually meant to me got me thinking if they hadn't been taken there would be no record any of it ever happened.  I decided I wanted to do the same for my family, our first child had just been born and I wanted to create a visual legacy for us all.  Long story short - turns out I had a bit of an natural aptitude for taking pictures and after an extremely long learning period and a leap of faith I left a job I absolutely hated to become a full time photographer....and I bloody love it ! 

So that's how and why I became a photographer, some random boxes that someone sent me, my children coming along and a need to preserve memories.  It's taken off from there.  I'm driven by a deep desire to record real memories in pictures, it's something really important to me on a personal level.  Amazing what 2 boxes of pictures can do for someone - that's the value of photographs to fact they're invaluable.

That’s my WHY…

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