About me

Relaxed Wedding Photographer based in Cheshire. Getting to know a bit about the person who will photograph your wedding day - me.

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Hello, I'm Paul aka bomKnights

A street and social documentary photographer based in Cheshire, UK. I photograph weddings across the UK and Europe full time and rather enjoy it.

I’m Incredibly happily married for nearly 10 years to my wife Emma, it’s this October actually and we’re going to New York to celebrate - I can’t wait! We’ve two kids Isabella (7) and Jacob (4), live in Cheshire and when I’m not out photographing I’m hanging out with the family.

Aside from taking pictures I spend a fair amount of time mentoring other photographers around the world on defining their own style of photography and any spare time I get is dedicated to my family.

Anyway, enough waffle from me for now, nice to meet you and hopefully we’ll get to meet in person.


Why memories are important to me

My Dad passed away when I was 2, my Mum when I was 16.  I have no pictures of my life as a kid, or growing up, I’ve a few of my parents but not many - I never really knew them.

Now I’ve got a family of my own, my kids are young and full of all the things kids should be full of, I’m determined they don’t miss out on memories in pictures, knowing what it’s like to not have them makes me so determined to make sure my kids take pictures for granted.

It’s the same for weddings, they’re a once in a lifetime experience and something that should be captured for future generations - not cheesy smile shit, real personalities, a sense of character and real feelings. That’s my why, because I think memories are bloody important.