Relaxed Wedding Photographer based in Cheshire. Getting to know a bit about the person who will photograph your wedding day - me.

Hello, I'm Paul.  A social documentary & street photographer living in Cheshire, UK.  Specialising in all aspects of photography relating to people, the emotion surrounding them and their stories.

I photography weddings across the world.  It doesn't matter where you are - if you want an honest story of your wedding day, are all for being left alone to enjoy yourselves then I'd love to talk to you.


how to find a destination wedding photographer

You've got much better things to be doing than being ordered round by a wedding photographer, and to be honest I've got much better things to do than ordering you around - like photographing how your day feels.

Your day deserves pictures that celebrate the diversity and joy of it all.

I don't photograph any two weddings the same way...there's no templates, no shot list, no stupid standard poses, no hassle or faffing or intrusion.  No pictures without meaning  - because that shit isn't you. 

Don't get me wrong, if you absolutely want a couple of staged pictures we can do that, it'll take minutes, not hours though.  You should be celebrating, not posing.

Show me dancing, and silly faces, and big hugs, and stupidly wide grins.  Show me characters, and antics, and people celebrating, and personalities and a whole load of love. 


I'm Paul aka bomKnights and I photograph weddings

I like weddings, that's why I chose to photograph them.  I like to mingle, to experience them from your perspective, to be part of them, to get right under the covers and show the real story of your day.

I don't intrude, coerce how love looks, get in your way or make anyone feel like they have a photographer with them. Treat me like a guest, forget I'm there and let me get on with it.

I'm a relaxed documentary photographer based in Cheshire and photograph weddings worldwide.

If you're a bit individual, original, madly in love, want to be left alone to enjoy your day - let's talk.

Here's something a past bride wrote about her own experience of having me at her wedding: A Bride's Perspective