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Finding people to do stuff at your wedding can be a real pain in the ass.  How do you know who's good, reliable, worth the money blah blah blah.  Here's my recommendations, based on people who've provided something for weddings I've previously photographed.  These aren't suppliers I get kickbacks or referral fees from.  Neither are they 'buddies' I'm doing a favor for - nope, none of that secret handshake stuff here.  They're simply people who I've noticed and remembered as being damn good at what they do.  

So here's my list of people who won't frik your wedding up, it will continue to grow as I find more people I'd happily recommend:


Hit The Dancefloor band

If you want your night to go offfffff big-time these are your guys.  I can honestly say I've not seen a dance floor so busy and bouncing.  Great songlist, massive amounts of energy and personality, these chaps are incredible.  

Find them here:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Insta 


Wedding band hit the dance floor at merrydale manor in cheshire

Jack of All Trades

An acoustic couple of acoustic chaps who do acoustic stuff, ok ok not the best description I know - it's not a paid advert ffs.  Anyway these guys are great.  Did I mention they do acoustic stuff?  Think of quality music while you're all relaxing after your ceremony and you're on the right track.  They probably do other stuff too, ask them - they're good!

Find them here: Insta

*I'm sure I have a better picture somewhere but....

Sorry about the picture, nah actually I'm not 


Brad B Magic

I don't like magicians, sorry but I don't.  When this guy turned up at a wedding in Cheshire wearing a snapback and casual clothes I thought he was a family friend, he wasn't.  He is a magician, one I actually liked.  Very cool street magic, think David Blaine but with charisma and not being odd.  Seriously impressive stuff - seriously ! 

Find him here: Insta

Cheshire wedding magician brad bennett impressing the bride and groom at merrydale manor wedding venue


Michael Langley

Video people fall into two categories for me as a documentary photographer. 

1. Vidiots who get in the way, make my job harder and make me wonder why people want a low key photographer but a videographer who clatters around like an elephant in a tutu getting on everyone's tits.  

2. People who know what they're doing.

Michael fits into the second category.  Super easy to work with, fantastic videos and not a pain in the ass on your wedding day.

Find him here:  website |