Describe your approach?

Not being ‘the photographer’, extremely low key and unobtrusive. My main focus is you (and everyone at your wedding) enjoying the day fully without feeling like there’s a photographer clattering around or hovering around in the background pointing a big camera at people like a peeping tom. I pride myself on my unique approach, which is to completely blend in with your wedding rather than try to orchestrate or control any of it. The result is far more natural pictures of people, rather than them being camera aware they’re simply being themselves. Your guests will most likely be wondering why you haven’t hired a photographer which leads to some funny conversations about “How intrusive wedding photographers are” and “It’s such a refreshing change not having to smile for a camera” I’ll usually invent a backstory on the spot as to how I know you, my cover stories so far include “I have no idea who you are I’m just a guest at the hotel”, “We met in a kebab shop in your home town last week and you drunkenly invited me to your wedding, so I came, I don’t think you remember inviting me (or who I am) because you keep giving me funny looks”.

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How long do you stay at a wedding?

It depending on what you want - all day and night baby! If you book a full day that’s unlimited hours from my perspective, I’m there as long as there’s still part of your story to tell. If your budget doesn’t stretch to a full day I do occasionally provide other options i.e. shorter coverage during off-peak and weekday weddings.

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Will you travel for weddings?

I'm rather niche in how I photograph a wedding, couples who specifically want someone who allows them to enjoy their day ask me to travel across the UK, Europe and Internationally. I do tend to travel a lot and I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to capture memories for people in all sorts of wonderful locations.

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Have you photographed at our venue before?

While I’ve been a full time documentary wedding photographer for 8 years, I’ve never photographed at the same venue more than once…actually there are 2 I’ve photographed at twice but that’s it. Is it relevant?? That’s a good question and one that leads to some confusion for couples and here’s why. As a documentary photographer I don’t need to be familiar with a venue in the slightest, hopefully if you’ve seen a lot of my images you will agree. It’s also worth pointing out I don’t ‘scout’ venues beforehand simply because I don’t need to, it’s difficult to explain unless you’re a proper photographer yourself but the easiest way I can so hopefully it makes sense is this;

As a car driver, you don’t need to have more driving lessons to jump into another car to drive it, driving is something you probably do every day and even though you get into a car you’ve never driven before the mechanics are largely the same, you don’t immediately get into it and crash it into the nearest hedge (unless you’re a complete idiot of course). It’s the same with driving to a place you’ve not been to before, you don’t need a dry run, you just get in the car and go there. When you photograph day in day out it’s the same principle, it’s second nature to notice things at a glance, locations, surroundings etc, besides documentary photography is about people, not places.

Some photographers are very territorial, they like being close to home for various reasons, some are on preferred supplier lists for venues - either because they pay the venue, someone they know works there, or they give the people in the office a box of chocolates every Christmas (I shit you not), these photographers are then recommended by the venue because of these relationships, not necessarily because they’re suitable for couples, it’s just business - me on the other hand, I prefer to travel around, see things with a fresh set of eyes and make the photography about the people (not repeat pictures under the same archway for every couple). I couldn’t shoot at the same venue every week I’d get bored feckless to be honest. So…after that rather long explanation the answer is NO, but it’s irrelevant.

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How quickly do I book up?

Most couples book me between 1 and 2 years in advance to guarantee their date, a lot of my bookings come through referrals usually from couples who’ve already met me at a previous wedding. Peak dates do go quickly with some super organized people booking me 3 years in advance.

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Do you photograph weddings alone?

For the most part, yes. Having more than one photographer at a wedding can be rather intrusive for you and your guests. Pretty much every wedding example you see in my slide shows is me flying solo, and while I know it’s a thing for wedding photographers to recommend another photographer it really isn’t necessary unless you’re having more than 250 day guests (where two skilled documentary photographers can blend in more easily). Good second photographers come at a price and I’d rather you save money for something else, certainly if you don’t need one. If you really want a second photographer let’s have a chat about your requirements, and we can go from there.

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When can we expect our wedding pictures back?

During busy periods at peak wedding season there is a 2 - 3 month wait, sometimes it can be longer.  I don't release a gallery until I'm perfectly happy with it, I’m very proud of the work I produce and the editing process is a big part of that, every image is hand edited individually by me, that shit takes time, a lot of care and attention. I will give you an early preview of a few images shortly after your wedding though, don’t worry!

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How will we receive our pictures?

I use a beautiful online gallery system to share your images with you.  All the images you receive will be full resolution and without any watermarks (I don’t charge extra for you to actually download your images). Your gallery will be delivered with a password for access and a PIN code for download of images, these can be shared with whomever you choose, so sharing your pictures with family and friends is super easy. There is an option to order prints and albums, however I give couples the choice of doing this themselves if they’re looking for a more cost effective solution. All my albums are designed by me and produced using the finest materials and craftsmanship, they can’t be purchased by the public - with this in mind they cost a lot more than an online service for photo books. I certainly don’t push albums and prints though.

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Is this my only job?

I’m a full time professional photographer, yes it is. I’ve been doing it for 8 years. I do feel it’s an important factor (if you care about the quality and consistency of your images) to book someone who lives and breathes photography, look at it this way, would you and your family get on an aeroplane knowing the pilot only flies once in a blue moon and isn’t constantly training? Would you want a part-time builder to build your dream home? While time served doesn’t guarantee quality and consistency all the time, there’s certainly a much higher chance of disappointment with someone who dips in and out of photography and doesn’t give 100% of their working time to your images (and photography).

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What equipment do you use? 

I use a Fujifilm X-pro2 camera and a single prime 18mm lens.  That's it.  It looks like a small film camera, does very well at saying "I'm not a photographer" which is extremely important for my unobtrusive approach to photographing your day.

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Do you use associates or alternative photographers?

No, I’m not a factory, I’m an artist. You’re guaranteed I’ll be the photographer at your wedding I don’t use any other people. Some people do, although thankfully that trend seems to be diminishing, I would say that whoever you choose it’s an important question to ask.

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How can we book you?

Please get in touch with me via my contact form or call me on 07702 139570.  I take a non-refundable booking fee (deposit) and this secures your date.  Dates are not held without payment.


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