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Describe your approach?

I'd describe my approach as relaxed, very relaxed.  Some people call it documentary, reportage, photojournalistic - really though from a photography perspective it's street photography with a bit of the others mixed in.  During the day I mingle, chat and fit in.  Part of my unique selling point is I don't act like a photographer, I don't blend into the background like a lot of people -I don't feel as a photographer you can tell an emotive story from the outside looking in, plus people tend to notice someone creeping around in the background like they don't really belong there.  So I'm right in the middle of it, like I belong at your wedding - which I do.  I've found this approach brings far more acceptance, relaxes people a lot more and allows them to be themselves.  

Left to my own devices I'll photograph a wedding 100% documentary style, nothing will be orchestrated, no interruptions, nothing set up.  Don't get me wrong though, if people do want 2% worth of informal couple portraits I'll do that (if they ask nicely)

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How long do you stay at a wedding?

I don't set a time limit for your wedding day, every wedding is unique and I hate the thought of you having to shuffle things along at pace or thinking about getting your first dance done so you're not stung with an 'extra hours' bill after your wedding.  As a photographer who's there to tell the full story of your day it's not right if I start forcing you to hurry that story up, so I want your day to be relaxed and stress free.  I stay as long as there are things to photograph.  My day typically starts early morning for the preparation and continues until your party fizzles out, you'll probably have noticed a few pictures on my website of empty venues with randomly scattered remnants of your party - yes I'm often the last man standing.  That can be anything up to 17 hours or more, so don't worry I've got your full day and night covered.

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How can I get in touch with you?

I'm happy to chat on the phone +44 7702 139570.  You can email me at bomKnights@outlook.com or via the contact form on my website.  I aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours, sometimes I do shoot week long weddings so don't fret if you've not heard from me.  If you don't receive a response after a week check your spam or junk folder for a reply or give me a nudge on the phone.

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Why don't I pose people or tell them what to do?

Why should I, why would I?  The advantage of being a good reportage wedding photographer is that I notice things, an awful lot of things.  There's absolutely no need to tell you to smile on your wedding day is there??? I 'could' put you in poses but we both know you'll feel unnatural, awkward - and because of that you'll be stiff and not you.  You want your wedding pictures to be you don't you?

That's the beauty of documentary, you get pictures of you at your most relaxed and natural, genuine smiles, no feeling of awkwardness, 100% you not a made up version of you.  

Don't get me wrong, if you absolutely want a 2 minute portrait that's not a portrait session that's fine, but don't expect it to take up that time you should be spending enjoying yourselves.  The biggest regrets people have over their wedding pictures are:

1. We spent too long on staged stuff, we only used 1 of those pictures.  We wished we had spent more time with our family and guests

2. We wish we had more pictures of the 'atmosphere', people enjoying our day with us, not avoiding eye contact with a photographer or being herded around for pictures.

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Will you travel for weddings?

Of course.  I'm rather niche so people who want what I offer can't find anything similar locally, those clever couples tend to find me from all over the UK & Europe.  I'm asked to travel a lot, which I'm more than happy to do.  Most of my weddings are away from home, so yes I can and do travel extensively across the UK, Ireland, Europe and Internationally.

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Do you photograph weddings alone?

More often than not I work alone.  I do this for a genuine reason, and that's because having a second photographer at your wedding can become rather intrusive for you as a couple, certainly when you're looking for a low key approach.

I know a lot of photographers state it's better to have two because you get more pictures, you also apparently get more angles (whatever that means).  Here's the thing - if you want a low key approach, then two isn't always better than one, it's potentially twice as intrusive.  Look at my weddings they're all shot solo with the exception of two, bet you can't tell which ones though....  Two photographers doesn't mean more, and more isn't often better.  I don't tout two photographers as a better thing, it's a choice, and that choice should be made by your primary photographer in your best interest.

Having a second photographer does work in some situations though, for example, if you're having a large wedding with 250+ on the guest list and your venue is particularly large then it can occasionally be useful to have another photographer along.  Weddings of 350+ guests spanning a few days across multiple locations may benefit from a team of photographers, which can be arranged.   My advice is let's talk about it and trust my judgement.  

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What equipment do you use? 

In truth I've only been asked this question a handful of times, but for anyone interested.  I shoot a wedding with one camera (a Fujifilm Xpro-2) and one lens (an 18mm prime).  Combined they're incredibly small, much smaller than traditional wedding cameras, if any guests bring a camera they will probably have bigger cameras than me.  I do this to aid with the blending in, I really don't want to appear as a photographer at all.  

Don't worry I do have plenty of backup equipment with me in the car should my main camera decide to stop working.  

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How will we receive our pictures?

I use a beautiful online gallery system to share your images with you. From this private gallery you can share images with friends and family or on social media.  You can also print great quality images through my print partner, or download individual images or the full gallery so you can store it on your hard drive at home or print the pictures yourselves.  The images are guaranteed to be on the site for at least a year.

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When can I expect my wedding pictures back?

Who's got kids?  Who's tried making a cake with their kids and it's a constant "is it ready yet, when can i eat it, i wish it would hurry up", now we know as adults if you take a cake out of the oven before it's done it'll be a sad flat little thing that you'll have to eat with a spoon.  Same applies to pictures - do you want sad, flat pictures? 

For the people who absolutely insist on a 'rough' time - ballpark 6 weeks, often before that.  Cake doesn't leave the shop until it's perfect - you're not getting a cake btw

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Have you photographed at my venue before?

I travel so far and wide I rarely shoot the same venue more than once.  Is it relevant? absolutely not.  There is no such thing as needing to be familiar with a venue once you go past the 'keen amateur' status of being a photographer.  Any photographer who tells you that you need to pick someone familiar with a venue is an amateur - walk away and find a professional, a proper one.

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Do I offer albums?

Yes I do.  The truth is not many people want them these days, we live in a digital age I guess.  I do like printed pictures though, so I always have the option.  One thing I don't do is 'free albums' because ultimately they aren't free.  There's a mark-up applied to albums on top of the cost price, if you plump for a free album package you're paying for it, it just means you're probably not aware you are.  That doesn't sit well with me, you pay the price for photography - that's the value of a decent photographer.  If you choose to buy an album it should be a choice, not forced on you as a hidden cost.  My albums can all be purchased after your wedding, no rush, no pressure and no mark-up - yes that's right, you get them at cost price.

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Do I offer prints?

Of course, I much prefer framed prints over albums to be honest, pictures should be on walls if you ask me.  Framed prints can be ordered through your online gallery in various sizes and styles, again it's entirely your choice.  When I deliver your wedding pictures I'll also send you a discount code for prints if you wish to order any, they are made by Loxley colour (the best lab in the UK) in case you were wondering.  Don't forget thought - the pictures I make for you are yours, there's absolutely nothing stopping you from downloading your favourite ones and having them printed yourself if you want, it's entirely your choice.

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Am I insured? 

Yes of course.  I'm not a nincompoop.  Some venues ask me to show insurance before your wedding just in case I demolish the place I guess.  

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How can I book you?

Please get in touch with me via the online contact form or at bomKnights@outlook.com.  If I am available it will be great to have a chat and hear all the details about your day.  I take a £300 non-refundable booking fee and this secures the date.  I can't hold or pencil dates without a booking fee.  

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I'm a ridiculously relaxed wedding photographer based in Cheshire, offering a unique approach to wedding photography across the UK, Europe and Internationally.  

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