One does not accumulate but eliminate. It is not daily increase but daily decrease. The height of cultivation always runs to simplicity.
— Bruce Lee

Keeping it simple

fujifilm xpro 2 and 18mm lens for wedding photography

The more things I have to carry the more you have to think about, I don’t want to be distracted by a plethora of lenses, focal lengths and other photography kit, I simply want to focus on making images with as little distraction as possible.

I shoot everything on a Fujifilm X-Pro2 mirrorless camera and the 18mm f2 prime lens. You’ll notice a legacy lens in the picture above, I only ever use it for portraits if couples ask for them on the day, other than that it remains in my bag (an Ona Bowery Leica edition for anyone interested). Using a single (small) prime lens has a number of benefits and compliments my approach perfectly, my main reasons for using it are as follows;

  1. It’s small and discreet, when coupled with the diminutive X-Pro2 it doesn’t scream “Look at me I’m the photographer!”, I want to blend in, I want people to assume I’m simply another guest, I don’t want people to take me seriously. This combination allows me to hide in plain sight.

  2. It’s how I see the world photographically, I like the 27.5 mm FOV of the world. I’m much more proficient at composing pictures this way and it’s one less thing to think about as opposed to my brain wasting split seconds deciding which FOV looks better. I can concentrate purely on moments.

  3. One focal length gives consistency in a gallery. It’s a personal preference nothing more. I feel a documentary perspective lends itself better to consistency rather than your brain jumping around different focal lengths.

Flash for the evening is provided by the EF-X20, which fits my way of working perfectly, it’s small and provides enough illumination for how I work.

My backup camera is the Ricoh gr 2, same focal length as the Fuji 18mm, fits in my pocket.

People ask why a chose Fuji, the simple answer is I like how the camera feels in my hands - the important settings are readily available either on the lens or on top of the camera and for me it’s an overall nice shooting experience. A camera is simply a tool, if I’m going to be using it every day I want it to feel right. It does everything I need it to with zero fuss or complication.