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Creative relaxed documentary Wedding Photographer Cheshire and Manchester. Answers to questions like - How much does a wedding photographer cost in Cheshire or Manchester, what price are photographers or what’s the average price of wedding photography in Manchester?

My approach

I’m not a normal wedding photographer and I like that, I pride myself on being different. I don’t do posing, or big daft cameras, or bossing you around or anything you would normally associate with a wedding photographer. I give traditional wedding photography the finger with all its’ formality, stiffness and cliches - my couples want something real and honest - real stories filled with emotion and personality, pictures they can get excited about, pictures they can relate to and love.

I hate, I mean hate the whole ‘wedding photographer’ thing, the bloody awkwardness of it all, how they get in front of guests during important moments, how intrusive they are, how on edge you feel as a guest (been to plenty of weddings as a guest you see) - so I’m not really a wedding photographer I guess, I’m a photographer who happens to shoot weddings but in a completely different way to a standard wedding photographer. I wanted to create something completely unique, the approach I’ve devised and worked on for years is very much that of a guest, totally relaxed, I’m part of your wedding rather than someone who’s there to get pictures at any cost.

I’m there to enjoy your wedding as much as your other guests are and I’ve found people absolutely love the approach I use, I’m not winding your guests up by getting in their way, or making them feel uncomfortable with wedding photographer like behaviour, I’m not constantly hovering around you two snapping away either, you get to enjoy your wedding without feeling like you’re constantly under my scrutiny and camera clicks . It also means a few other benefits as far as your pictures go:

People are fully relaxed around me, it’s like I’m not there as a photographer. The photographs I take are natural, organic, genuine moments of people being themselves rather than being aware there’s a big camera pointed at them waiting for them to ‘do something’. Your gallery is a very personal and intimate record of your day, a real story - rather than simply ‘pictures of people who were at your wedding’. There’ll be beautiful moments a normal wedding photographer simply wouldn’t have access to, there’ll be character and personality in your pictures and there’ll be some crazy shit too because people feel so comfortable around me and see me as one of their own, they really let their guard down and just behave naturally, everything that happens will be there in pictures from a very unique and personal perspective.

My photographic style

My style is best described as a front row guest perspective story of your wedding in pictures. It’s been described as energetic, full of life, emotive and ballsy - the kind of pictures that make your ears prick up, make you feel something. For me weddings are about people, atmosphere and personality, you can’t engineer a moment and you can’t direct a feeling in a photograph, those things just have to happen spontaneously - my job is to record them in pictures.

My aim is to create a story for couples they can look back on in years to come and really feel all of the emotions they felt on their wedding day, pictures that show who they are as people and what their day was really like. Deeply moving in places, full of happiness, celebration and energy.


The first dance during a wedding in cheshire


All day coverage - £1,600

I like to keep things really simple, so offer one package that covers your entire day and night properly!

I don’t limit you to set hours, I’m here to document your full story from start to finish. My day typically starts from getting ready, through to your ceremony, right until the end of your night.

The package includes:

  • Unlimited time. My coverage doesn’t finish when your first dance does, I love to photograph your party too! I only finish when your party does or there’s nothing left to photograph!

  • At least 500 images all individually edited by myself. A huge part making sure you have the best pictures possible is the editing process. I spend a solid week locked away editing your wedding. I want you to be proud of your pictures, as proud as I am so your pictures get my undivided attention to make them look their very best.

  • All of your finished images are uploaded to your own private gallery. You can log on, view, download and share pictures with your friends and families from anywhere. You have full rights to print and share all of your pictures.

  • A photofilm set to music of all my fave moments from your day

  • Travel and accommodation is included anywhere in the UK.

* Please note - I do offer discounts to certain professions i.e. Armed Forces, Police, Fire, NHS and Teachers, I’m incredibly grateful for all the things you ladies and gents do for our country so this is my way of saying thank you! Please don’t forget to mention when you get in touch.

a manchester wedding

What can we expect on the day?

I want you to fully relax and enjoy your wedding day, no fuss, no stress, no drama! Just leave me to it, let me loose and don’t give me a second thought. I’ll give you pictures you’ll absolutely love without interfering, staging or orchestrating any of your day. Please, just kick back and soak up the atmosphere - it’s that simple!

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but…we absolutely hate having our picture taken!!!!!

Don’t worry everyone does, it’s uncomfortable and awkward if done the wrong way! Every single couple say the same thing to me when they get in touch, fear not! My approach is completely different to a normal wedding photographer - after your wedding you’ll have got rid of your camera fear completely, it’s all down to approach you see. I love the fact that every couple after their wedding state I was more like a member of the family than the photographer, you being comfortable (or not even registering I’m there to take pictures) is massively important to me, stiff people make for terrible pictures, relaxed people make for great pictures. Don’t worry, I’m not like ‘the photographer’ !


weddings abroad

I love to travel and do take on up to three destination weddings a year, I only limit them so I don’t spend too many times a year away from my young family. Please get in touch and I can put together a bespoke quote for you.


Next steps?

So you love my pictures (soon to be your pictures) and you like the sound of fuss free photography, what do you do next? Get in touch with me using my contact form ,let’s have a quick conversation to check if I’m available.