THIS is why, this is why !

I woke up this morning to a rather lovely message from Jade, it’s messages like the one below that really do make me thankful to be part of such incredible days with people. I’m not just in it for the money, I genuinely give a shit about your memories. Which is why I’m so direct and open with people, we have to work well together or we just aren’t going to work at all !

Anyway, Jade thank you for taking the time to write this - it’s made my day, it really has !

Love you guys !!!

“It has taken me an incredibly long time to write this because I honestly don’t feel that I can put into words just how grateful we are for the photos Paul provided from our wedding. 

We booked Paul after attending the evening of a friends wedding, novel a photographer still there in the evening! We honestly thought Paul must have been a family friend he was there all night he had rapport and familiarity with all of the guests... then a week or so later we saw the photos ... Wow the most natural, happy photos I’d ever seen - I made a beeline for my friends “who is this family friend he’s amazing, he’s not” they replied  . I couldn’t believe it! Not yet engaged but 6 long years into my relationship this was stored in the Rolodex I silently stalked Paul’s page for months and finally I was engaged.

I have to say a few years ago I would have gone for the traditional stand for hours on end to get the countless shots your mum and nan want, but I couldn’t bat away the irrational anger I had whenever I saw a couple peeking out from behind a tree, the heart shaped group shots as photographers hung out a room. 

I digress, we booked Paul (and yes your mum and nan will probably not understand at first ‘so there won’t be wont with you and Daniel your cousin you haven’t seen for 8 years ‘?) but my god it was the best decision we made throughout our whole wedding - your day goes by in such a whirl wind and I can honestly say Paul’s photos make me feel the exact way I felt the entire day, they paint a picture of the exact emotions we went through throughout the day. I look at the photos and Paul caught every single shot as though there were several of him from the getting ready to the party in the evening. 

Paul you made both Tom and I feel so relaxed you understood that it was so important for us to enjoy the day with our friends and family ( if you’re reading this you probably already know weddings cost a small fortune please if I ever give any advise on a wedding it’s enjoy it,be present) I can honestly say I have no regrets that We don’t have countless group shots of forced smiles and gazes into the distance of our friends enjoying the mini burgers .... Our wedding photos are the most perfect representation of not just a nice day but of me and my husband and our wonderful friends and family. Paul you are a wizard and anyone who chooses to have you as there photographer will have the most wonderful, relaxed day with a set of timeless photographs of them looking happier, more relaxed and more in love then any posed photographer could ever create. 

If you’re thinking of booking Paul but you’re worried you’ll miss an important family member, moment or loving look you won’t I can promise you that! And as for the mums and nans of your world once they see the photos they’ll be won over - All of our skeptical family agreed that he was the best booking we made at the wedding (so much so he’s booked for the next family wedding)

Lots of Love 

The Whytes x “

bride and groom at merrydale manor wedding venue in cheshire

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