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Wedding entertainment idea

As a photographer I see lots of weddings.  There's often a lot of questions about what to do during that time after the wedding breakfast and before the evening kicks off.

So here's a great time killer for your guests.  

The table selfie game  

It's quite a simple one and costs nothing but can prove to be rather entertaining!

Set up a hashtag for your wedding, have a competition per table to come up with the most outrageous table selfie - top 3 get a prize.

Have each table upload their group selfie(s) to your hashtag and add their table number.  Example #WinstonWeddingExtravaganza2018_table6 (or whatever the table is called)

It provides at least a good hour or two of hilarity!


Who's got some other wedding lull suggestions? - get involved, let's help keep each other entertained.

Here's a few more to get you started, some of which can edge into the evening if the weather is nice :

Bouncy castles (they aren't just for kids)

Giant garden games - skittles, pin the tail, juggling balls, hula hoops, chess, jenga

Fire pits and marshmallows (careful of the kids)