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Hamps Hall and Barn Party House Wedding | Peak District Wedding Photography | Kjella & Tim

I was so happy when Kjella contacted me to photograph her & Tim’s wedding, it sounded like exactly the sort of wedding I love to be part of. They were doing everything themselves, hiring out Hamps Hall as their exclusive venue, huge marquee, lawn games, catering themselves, setting everything up the day before - a proper Rustic Themed DIY wedding in the heart of the Peak District.

Bride and groom having incredible fun during their Rustic DIY Marquee Summer wedding in the Peak district.

An incredible Rustic DIY wedding in The Peak District

The wedding for me started the day before when I arrived and was promptly put to work helping with the setup of the marquee (I’m joking I volunteered), it was a great way to get to know everyone and become part of the wedding rather than just the photographer…obviously I took pictures too, it’s all part of the wedding isn’t it. We then all walked a mile down the road to the local pub for a few (lot of) drinks and some food…vague memories of staggering back with Kjella and Frank down the country roads…

The day itself was amazing, these two are such a cool couple and have a fantastic bunch of friends. A lovely intimate ceremony followed by a full on celebration, plenty of prosecco, cheese, impromptu wheelbarrow races, jenga, cake and far too many other things to list - suffice to say I loved every minute of it!

A massive thank you to everyone who made me feel so welcome, it was so nice to be part of something so special and fun !!

documentary Wedding photography in the peak district during a relaxed diy summer wedding with a rustic theme at hamps hall and barn party house

A few tips from the bride

Have you chosen a specific theme for your wedding? If so, why?

Rustic, DIY. Because I like the rustic look and weddings are chuffing expensive. 

What made you choose your wedding venue?

I wanted a venue that had a field, accommodation, toilets, that wasn't an actual wedding venue, that would let is throw a big party there and was a reasonable distance from home (Northampton). Hamps Hall ticked all the boxes. I like that we've got the venue Monday - Friday, so it's a wedding week rather than a day. I like that we get a mini - break in the peak district with some of our friends and family, in addition to the actual wedding event, and that over 30 of us are going to the local pub the night before the wedding for dinner. We wouldn't get the extra bits with a standard wedding venue (without an astronomical cost). 

Any golden nuggets of advice you'd like to pass on to other couples?

It's only as stressful as you make it. No-one likes Bridezilla, so don't be a twat.

What were the first 3 things you booked for your wedding and why?

Venue, registry office, time off work. Because without those the invitations would have been hard to write.






My friend


My mum

Room decor

Friends, family & our photographer using crap bought off eBay

Band or DJ


Some pictures

A small selection of pictures from the final set. Hope you like them. Everything was shot on a Fuji Xpro2 & 18mm lens, with a couple on the Ricoh GR 2.

Next year is 70% full already with prime dates for 2021 & 2022 going fast. If you want a different kind of wedding photographer at your wedding who’ll tell your story from the inside please get in touch and tell me about your plans.