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What makes me different as a wedding photographer?
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How I photograph your day

Try and imagine a scene, you're stood talking with a few friends after your wedding ceremony, someone is relaying a funny story to your small group, your photographer notices something going on so comes over and starts taking pictures.  Lots of pictures, until the punchline is delivered then they move on somewhere else and do the same thing.

It's called 'shooting through the moments' in photography circles, either standing in the same place or circling a group of people taking plenty of pictures of that conversation (or whatever else is going on).  The idea being when it comes to having a picture of something happening at a particular moment in time the photographer can scroll through 10's (sometimes hundreds) and choose one they like.

That's fine from a picture perspective and I'm sure that technique delivers a nice picture, but for me (and having been a guest at plenty of weddings myself), I do find it rather distracting and a bit bloody annoying to have someone just taking picture after picture after picture for what seems like ages while I'm trying to have a conversation and relax, it makes me uncomfortable and that's me as a photographer - goodness knows how normal wedding folk feel! 

So I don't do that, I believe there's a moment to be photographed alright, but one picture will do it not loads - I take a picture either while I'm part of the conversation myself (remember I'm just like a guest and because I rarely put my little camera to my eye people don't even know I've taken their picture), or a quick in and out before anyone knows I've even been there - It's simply down to observation, listening to what's happening around me and pre-empting where I need to be and when (so I'm not distracting people or getting on their nerves).  That's also why so many people are surprised I'm the photographer at a wedding, because I don't stand around taking hundreds of pictures of the same thing.

One moment > one picture that's my motto.  It's far less annoying.  No clackety clack clack of a camera going off, no weirdo bobbing and weaving in your peripheral vision. Nice and easy, nice and relaxed.

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If you love the sound of my approach and want a really low key photographer at your wedding, have a browse around for a while and get in touch - I'd love to hear from you.

I'm based in Cheshire and offer my very relaxed wedding photography across Cheshire, manchester, the UK and Europe (and occasionally further afield).