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My ethos

My ethos is very simple.  To give you memories.  Pictures of people caught in a moment, in a bubble, lost in thought, being themselves.  A true and honest record of who they are, how they felt, what they did.  It all adds up to make the pictures of your wedding day. 

My approach is rather different, anyone who's wedding I've photographed can attest to that.  I am not 'the wedding photographer', I cannot stress the importance of my approach in order to truly represent your day for what it is.

Make no mistake, I will be enjoying your wedding day with you, your family and your guests.  I see plenty of people harping on about an unobtrusive approach, but then act like a wedding photographer all day - that's intrusive from where I'm standing.   

I usually overhear people having a conversation in the evening along the lines of:

"Yeah, he's definitely the photographer"

"Noooo, he can't be....are you sure?"

"Yeah, he definitely is, I'm positive"

"Well f*cking hell, has he actually taken any pictures today? Why's he on the dancefloor? Are you sure he's the photographer?"

I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions and I'd love to carry on waffling but I've a wedding to edit - Amy & Rich's in fact, at Whitley Hall, Sheffield...where I overheard the conversation. 

Here's a picture from it.

AR_Whitley Hall Wedding Venue0394.jpg