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I'm not the wedding photographer

Conversation with a wedding guest

I had a funny conversation with a wedding guest the other week.  The conversation happened after the ceremony during the bit where everyone gathers around for a good chinwag, drinks as much bubbly as they can and stuffs their faces with canapes and things from trays.  It went like this (just so you know wg is the wedding guest, np is me - not a photographer):

 np - "Hi there, what a lovely day, been great so far hasn't it"  

wg - "Hi, oh I know! it's so nice seeing them so happy together, the weather has been fantastic hasn't it"   

np - " yeah they're a great match aren't they.  Weather's great, we've been really lucky!" 

wg - "Have you travelled far?" 

np - "Just from Cheshire, couple of hours I stayed over last night so I wouldn't be late, under strict instructions from *bride* haha. You?"   

wg - "Down South, we came over last night too.  I noticed they haven't got a photographer, seems a bit strange? " 

np - "Ah right, hadn't noticed to be honest I'm too busy drinking the fizzy stuff haha.  But yeah, wonder why that is, maybe it's a thing these days"

wg - "Nice to be able to relax though isn't it, they're such a nuisance, those group shots *rolls eyes*, all that standing around, I hate having my picture taken too... and they cost a fortune for a couple of pictures I mean it can't be that hard can it, why are they so expensive! "

np - "Oh I know, they're a right rip off.  I hate that too,  I'd rather just chat and relax not have to duck and dive every time I see them circling round for a picture, know what I mean?"

wg - "Completely haha.  Well I'm glad they've not got one I don't need to avoid!  Anyway lovely talking to you, I didn't catch your name, mines **** "

np - "Yes nice to meet you too, enjoy the rest of the day.  I'm Paul.....the photographer"

A number of looks crossed her face at this point the 'are you taking the piss' look, 'the omg what if he is', the 'shit, what did I just say' all at once

wg - "Oh nooooooo, you're not are you?  No, you're just joking aren't you??"

np - "hahahahaha afraid I am the photographer, sorry! "

wg - "O..H.....M..Y.....GOD, I'm so sorry, are you sure you're the photographer?  Really?  Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean you're too expensive!  Oh nooooo what else did I say?  Oh my, oh dear!  You're very good I had no idea! Where's your camera? "

np - "haha no need to apologise I get it a lot, although no-ones ever said I'm rubbish and too expensive before, you went right in there didn't you....haha!! I hope my pictures are alright! My camera's here (I'd been holding it the whole time).  Right, go and enjoy the rest of your day, I'm off to cry in a corner for a bit"

In fairness I get this a lot, people tend to assume I know the couple already (most I meet on the morning of the wedding btw), or I'm a member of the family or close friend -  approach is key, fitting in is paramount, being a guest can also lead to some funny conversations.

So, thanks lady for playing my game of spot the wedding photographer, it was fun!

These guys, their families and friends were absolutely brilliant to be around, a true masterclass in having a relaxed day.  A lot of the traditional elements weren't present, no cake, no first dance, no official flowers - I like that in couples.  Their wedding, their day, their way and surely that's what a wedding is about?  God I love these guys!