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Finding natural light

Light, the number one most important element of a good picture ?

Photographers talk about light an awful lot - how important it is, finding good light, must take pictures in good light, golden hour (not to be confused with golden shower), light is a big hoohaaa apparently!

Light is very simple - you go outside in the daytime and it’s there (light that is), find a bit where some parts are dark and some parts aren’t then put people in the light bit and take a picture.  It’s not complicated really...

Personally I prefer moments than light, moments trump light any day of the week - can’t fake a moment, can fake light.  

Anyway, light - it’s nice when it’s there  

Weirdly being a full-on documentary wedding photographer I don’t set anything up, these are natural pictures of people who happen to have been where they were. 


Bride and Groom portrait.  Cheshire Wedding. 


Bride portrait. Mere wedding venue, Cheshire 


Wedding guest.  Mere Court Wedding, Knutsford