Amy & Rich - Whitley Hall Wedding Photographer, Sheffield

Relaxed wedding photography

I kinda knew Amy & Rich, they were guests at a previous wedding and liked my excellent dancing or something, or maybe not - it's not that good at all to be honest.  Anyway, they wanted a no fuss relaxed day so they shipped me down from Cheshire to photograph their wedding in Sheffield, not in a crate I drove. So that's the kid of day we had, and here it is - well some of it anyway.  

I can remember most of it and it was brilliant, relaxed, fun and all the other things that a wedding should be.  Things get hazy a bit later on, I vaguely remember Amy nicking my camera, some Irish dancing and a horse and a chicken.  Yeah, we had a blast.

As per usual I don't cherry pick pictures to show, it's a random selection from the day in a random order to give a broad spread of just what you can expect from me - because after all shouldn't a wedding photographer be able to choose any picture from a gallery to show the world?

Anyway here's some pictures - enjoy

AR_Whitley Hall Wedding photographer Venue0010.jpg
AR_Whitley Hall Wedding Venue kodachrome0029.jpg
whitley hall wedding
sheffield wedding whitley hall
AR_Whitley Hall Wedding Venue kodachrome0062.jpg
sheffield wedding photographer

I'm a Cheshire based relaxed wedding photographer who's very much a guest at your wedding and not the photographer.  People are much more relaxed that way so you get pictures of them being themselves (as you know them), not daft picture faces.