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Booking up fast 2026 nearly full already - hurry hurry hurry hurry

Alright everyone calm down  ! Take a breath, take a few more, then take some more.  

The point of this post ? Don’t rush into booking someone to photograph your wedding, don’t feel pressured into making a decision because someone is putting the squeeze on you or using 1980’s sales tactics.

The truth of the matter is you will never see a top, in demand wedding photographer emploring people to book them in case they miss out.  The reality is, it’s a competitive market, there are ten thousand wedding photographers to every couple in the UK (made up facts are the best), but the good ones, the ones who know there are couples out there just waiting to find them are confident that the right couples will find them, they sit back and let it happen - no pressure, no sales tactics, no ‘hurry up before  it’s too late’ patter.

Anyone stating just how busy they are is, unfortunately, not really that busy.

While some people do book years in advance  because they absolutely want a specific photographer during the popular wedding months (and yes I do have bookings for 2022 already), a lot of people are leaving it later and later to find a photographer.  Over the last few years I’ve seen this happening more and more.

So, while it’s certainly advisable if you want someone specific to book early (who’s type of pictures and approach isn’t so common) , please don’t be fooled by the - “dates filling up fast, book now” brigade, it’s a load of claptrap and chances are they’re desperate.

Make sure you’re 100% certain before you hand over a deposit.  Take your time and be sure.