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Mike's Birthday surprise trip down memory lane

This is your life !

Who remembers the TV show with the big red book? Anyone remember the theme tune….dunnn dun dun duuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnn ? Well thanks to Andrea it’s permanently lodged in my brain, nice one Andrea !

Anywho…When Mike’s wife Andrea came up with a hair brained idea to throw a surprise ‘This is your life’ style treasure hunt for Mike, a trip down memory lane if you will, and asked me if I’d photograph the whole thing my initial thought was - eh? What are you on about? After she explained to me the idea, I of course said yes - my whole purpose is to document things & preserve memories - this crazy idea was right up my street, recording memories of memories - yes please.

4 months in planning it was a military operation of timing and wtf is going on, certainly from Mike’s perspective. The idea on paper was simple, drive Mike around all the places that made up his life experiences so far, the houses he grew up in, his places of work, where he played football, where they both had their first date and a whole bunch of other stuff, not only that but at each location there would be people Mike used to know - friends and family he’d not seen for years, all hiding to pop out at the right moment and surprise him with photographs from their past together - what a brill idea, a complicated one, but a brilliant one. At each location Mike was given a clue as to the next location and that bloody theme tune was played (again).

Anyway to cut a long story short it all worked out brilliantly, Mike didn’t have a clue it was happening until I turned up at their house - to which his first words were “Bloody hell what’s going on, he looks like a hitman” I don’t by the way, Mike is OK, he’s not in the boot of my car.

Here’ some pictures of the day..