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I'm a great me please

Looking for a photographer for your wedding?

Someone who's a bit of a character? Good.  Listen though, it's very easy to get carried away with someone who seems like a right good laugh and says all the right things on their website..."ohhh they sound like a right craic" you might say (if you're Irish).  Hang on a mo though,  let's not get carried away.  Are you booking a clown or a photographer, not that I'm saying CoCo (the clown) might not be a perfectly good photographer, although I've started wondering how they press those little buttons with big clown hands, and why, if clowns are so good why there aren't more pictures of people with custard pies in their faces?  I'm going off track aren't I....

Where was I?  Ah yes, whatever sagely advice I was trying to provide - funny photographers, right I'm back.  Yes, so then, just because someone sounds like a 'nice funny character' it doesn't make them a great photographer does it.

I know, I know, I do it myself, "I'm part of the party", "I'm a guest", "I have a dance" , "I join in", "Everyone loves me at the wedding" blah blah blah - and what's to say it's not all blah blah blah?  I could write anything though, and providing the things I write are appealing to you it could be a case in your brain of BINGO found him!  Could all be lies though couldn't it, either way it doesn't matter really - what really matters, and the way to tell if someone it truly a part of a wedding or just blagging it, is the pictures - do the pictures look like people feel awkward around the photographer, do they show the photographer is accepted by the people at the wedding, do they look like the people at the wedding are really not bothered the photographer is there, do they look awkward, do the pictures look like staged fun, or are they of people who are genuinely having fun, pictures where the photographer actually looks like they are accepted by the people there?  

Yeah book a photographer because their pictures are great (providing they aren't a complete bumhole too) - pictures first though.

Anyway, I think that's it, clear as crystal I hope, not mud. 

oh - btw I am a right good laugh, I do join in the party, the way I come across online is how I am - I don't pretend to be funny then not be, I'm bloody hilarious, but you don't know that yet do you.  Now if you like my pictures (the important bit, and if you don't why are you here) you might just find out just how much of a guest I am.

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bomKnights - A relaxed (and funny) documentary wedding photographer based in Cheshire, shooting weddings across Cheshire, Manchester, the rest of the UK and Europe.