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Men at weddings

As a wedding photographer observing people at a wedding I can totally relate to each and every guy on their wedding morning, it’s a completely different thing to the ladies.  Throughout the planning, the build up, the whole morning there’s seemingly a nonchalant mehness from your man - it’s no big deal, piece of cake, what’s all the fuss about attitude.  It’s just how we are.

Then, about 10 minutes before our bride-to-be is due to appear a realisation dawns - our nuts try and make a hasty retreat somewhere deep inside us, there’s some weird hand sweating going on, something’s wrong with our voice (it has two settings, 5 year old boy or Larry the lamb), breathing goes out the window, legs start moving of their own accord.  We have a years worth of emotion in around 14 minutes.  

Men - you might think we’re emotionally stunted idiots, nah we just work a bit differently.