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UK Documentary Wedding Photographer - Personal faves of 2017 #2 of 100

Cheshire based Documentary Wedding Photographer 

In no particular order of favouritism here’s a series of some of my personal favourite Documentary wedding photography pictures from 2017.

I don’t expect these pictures to appeal to everyone but I like them so there 😜

Stockport Town Hall Wedding Photographer

Number 2 is from Cat & Dan’s Wedding in Cheshire.  My last wedding of 2017 actually and one I really enjoyed .

Why I like this picture isn’t for the obvious reasons.  As portraits go I do really like it, but there’s another far more important set of reasons.

First, as a Documentary Wedding Photographer I don’t stage or set anything up and this picture serves as a very good example of an environmental wedding portrait taken as people are simply getting on with their day.

Second, and this makes me chuckle.  I see a lot of not very good Wedding photographs on the internet with long winded back stories, words designed to tug at the heart strings and mask what is basically a kak picture - it happens loads.  If I’m being honest it bloody annoys me.  Good pictures don’t need poetic words or made up tales - a good picture is a good picture.  

I was speaking to another photographer about this picture, they stated it looked like the last few moments of reflection and nerves before a bride went into a ceremony, well set up , carefully crafted with great lighting etc.  I could have gone along with that theory but that wouldn’t be the truth.

In truth this was still at the prep stage,   it was a moment between moments, when I took this there was nothing in particular going on, I simply liked how Cat was stood, the angles and the light (not ‘great’ light, just ‘nice’ and plain) in fact I think she may have been checking her phone at the time.  

I like this picture not just because it’s a lovely image that proves you don’t need to interfere with someone’s day, but more because it’s a bit of a two fingers at the pomp, pretence and made up rubbish some people say to make their pictures popular.  It’s simply an honest picture that hammers home the importance of observation and seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Hope you like it 🤘