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Lake District Marquee wedding. The glue. Documentary style


The thing I absolutely love about wedding photographs isn't the obvious stuff, oh no, it's the stuff in-between the obvious.  The glue that binds a wedding story together. 

It's the little big things, the important not important at the time things - real memories contained in pictures, moments people may (or may not) have seen or remembered from their day.  The people, the characters, all the bits that show the who, the why, the what and the feeling.

The important stuff

Wedding pictures are often about the 'WOW', the 'what's going to attract couples' - not for me though.  To me, and the couples who find me, wedding pictures are about what's important - what's really important, memories.....proper ones.  I don't care if thousands of people fawn over my pictures, I care that my pictures are important to the people who's wedding it was.  

True wedding memories aren't about standing under trees to have a picture taken, walks in fields, funky lighting or coloured smoke bombs - true memories are about what's around you, who's around you, who you celebrate with and how you celebrate.

Lake District Wedding

So, enough yabbering from me.  Here's a selection from Jenny & James's wedding in the Lake District - things important to them, to me, to us.  The in-between snapshots of a truly amazing relaxed wedding in the Lake District, these are the pictures people don't usually display - these are the pictures I think are important.


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