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UK Documentary Wedding Photographer - Personal faves of 2017 #4 of 100

Belle Époque, Knutsford, Cheshire Wedding Venue Documentary Wedding Photographer

This is one of those pictures that absolutely defines me as a wedding photographer, it’s everything I love about my approach to photographing weddings in a completely relaxed documentary style.

The picture was taken at Sara & Paul’s wedding , hosted in one of my fave venues - the Belle Époque in Knutsford, Cheshire.

Cutting the cake is one of those great British traditions, photographs of people cutting their cake are usually very upright, stiff, posed and well, a bit awkward to be honest.  

I don’t like posed, awkward wedding photographs 

I don’t like stiff, posed or awkward stuff, spontaneity rules in my world - natural happiness, smiles and real life make for far better pictures.  This is what this picture is about - life, moments, people ohhhh yeah !


Documentary wedding photography  

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