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UK Documentary Wedding Photographer - Personal faves of 2017 #8 of 100

Cheshire based Documentary Wedding Photographer on tour in the Lake District 

This one’s from Jenny & James’s wedding in the Lake District.  Now James is a photographer himself and a jolly good one too, it’s nice when other photographers choose me to photograph their day, they know what they want and in both their cases it was the no fuss, no faff approach Documentary Wedding Photography brings so that’s exactly what they got.

I like this picture because it’s quite a simple photograph yet gives a sense of part of the day, James’s brother giving a reading, the interaction between Jenny & James and the registrar filling out their paperwork - simple yet powerful composition, a small story that makes part of the larger story.  

Wedding pictures don’t always have to be ‘fancy’ or hugely impactful, often the best ones are quite simple if done well


Kendal Town Hall Wedding  

This picture was taken in Kendal Town Hall during the ceremony, at the time I was sat with the rest of the guests simply watching what was happening, the observant amongst you may have noticed a camera on the fireplace just to the left of the registrars head - that’s mine, left there and controlled using my phone so I could capture proceedings from a different angle..modern technology hey! 

Documentary Wedding photographer approach

The key thing with my approach is always to be a part of a wedding, to fit in and tell the story from someone who was actually there’s perspective - people are far more at ease when I’m not acting like a Wedding Photographer and the story of the wedding day comes fom an insider perspective, not an outsider looking in. 

Wedding Photography across the UK and beyond

Although I’m a Cheshire based Documentary Wedding Photographer, I cover the whole of the UK and the rest of the world, in fact most of my work is based farther afield from Cheshire, Manchester and the surrounding areas.  I think (I hope) that’s because people see the value in my unique approach to Wedding Photography, the intimate pictures my way of photographing a wedding brings - a truly personal reflection of a wedding day without having to stop any of it.