Part of the wedding picture narrative

Not the wedding pictures as such

I’m a firm believer in a story of a wedding day, a proper story.

In order to get that real story you can’t just have the ‘Wedding Pictures’ - what I mean by that is the traditional type ones. Oh no, the real narrative needs to be held together by all the other pictures, they help to pull the whole thing together.

Weddings are about people, who they are, how they interact with each other, the things that happen to them, their characters and the part they play in a wedding day. That’s the stuff I’m actually interested in, the pictures the people at the actual wedding will look at and say “Ahhh do you remember that!!!” - real memories.

I’ll apologize now, there’s a lot of pictures here - surprisingly these are still only a small part of the complete wedding day, actually there’s a bit of the day before (the setup) mixed in here too, again..all part of the full story from a documentary photographer perspective.

Anyway, enough waffle here’s the pictures that aren’t the wedding but are wedding pictures (that’s a mouthful)

bomknights is a completely relaxed documentary wedding photographer based in Cheshire. Photographing weddings across the UK and Europe for people who want to get on with enjoying their wedding day. bomKnights sometimes talks about himself in the 3rd person perspective - his real name is Paul.