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A FULL gallery of pictures to look at

There’s a link below all my waffle to a complete wedding gallery so you can see the consistency I talk about often. I’m showing this for full transparency - because you aren’t just paying for a few pictures, you want a lot of them. ALWAYS INSIST on seeing full galleries before you book, NOT ALBUMS, galleries. You’re paying for a full day of photography, make sure you’re getting it !

Choosing the right photographer for your wedding day

It’s hard, there’s so much to consider and so much to read on websites - it’s all very confusing. The best tip I can give is this….

You’re paying someone to photograph your wedding, not design a website, not write you a blog - someone to take pictures of your day, and that’s ALL day. The single most important thing here is the pictures. Some wedding photographers are VERY good at marketing, showing the things you’ll want to see, I’m not. I show the stuff I like in the hope you’ll like it too.

There’s no plan behind the pictures I display they’re randomly selected from galleries. So here’s the thing then…given you’re paying someone to take pictures (and you want all of those pictures to be good) why not look at pictures - not a few, not 50 carefully selected ones for a blog post, why not look at ALL the pictures?

Here they are - a full gallery from a real wedding, all 636 of them. I know it’s a lot to look at BUT I have a big thing about transparency, not many people are happy to show complete galleries - I am.

There’s no password on this gallery (obviously there would be on your own private gallery don’t worry), the link is below.

Now usually there would be two folders, one set of black & white and one set of duplicate pictures in colour, on this occasion to save space I’ve only put the black and white images up for public viewing.

Full gallery from a Manchester wedding