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I love my job !

I’m feeling the love too

I don’t really step back to think about what other people think of the work I do, I guess I’m too busy most of the time and really from my perspective I often think ‘I just do what I love, which is taking pictures’

I guess I’m saying I don’t take the time to think about who may be looking at my work…I just do it in the hope that someone somewhere will love it and book me. Yes, I’m oblivious to it I suppose!

Anyway, what’s sparked this little post?

Well, I got a lovely message last week from someone who’d been following me for over two years - crikey, two years - I mean Jesus that’s a long time! This someone had been waiting for a certain someone else to propose , and guess what - they didn’t….nahhhh I’m joking they did - engaged someone now, planning a wedding woweeee it’s finally happening…

*has word with self to stop waffling and get to the point

Yes, so this someone messaged me asking if I would be available to photograph their wedding ? Date was open and given the bloody lovely message, damn straight I would. Problem - I was way out of budget, bummer. What happened over the course of a series of messages was the thing that prompted me to write this post.

This person who absolutely loved what I do has cut budget from a whole bunch of other things just to have me photograph their wedding, that to me is incredibly humbling - that someone loves what I do so much (and bearing in mind they’ve had 2 years to decide and change their mind) that they are willing to go without other things on their wedding day - there’s a lot I could say here about how that made me feel, humbled is probably the best description, holy fucking shit I can’t find words to describe it would be something else.

There’s a reason I do what I do, actually there’s two - first I absolutely love it, it’s my dream job and second is there’s people like this out there who no matter what absolutely totally and completely get what I do, why I do it and how I do it - it’s amazing, so yes I’m feeling the love!

Thank you person, I know you said I’ve made you incredibly happy, and this is back at you !

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