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An Intimate Cheshire Wedding in Prestbury | Miriam and Ben

The warm-up

When is a wedding not a wedding? When it’s a warm-up wedding, an appetizer, not quite a practice run (because it was a real wedding after all), more of a UK based official pre-proper-wedding before a week long wedding somewhere else…ok, I’m confusing myself now.

Basically Miriam & Ben are getting married in Italy, it’s going to be a week long celebration on the shore of Lake Como, lucky them (and me of course) I’ll be there to document it all. Prior to that they had a UK ceremony surrounded by close family and friends as an ‘official we’re married’ thing in Prestwich, Cheshire.

Part of the furniture

Ok, so I’m kind of an unofficial family member now, I’ve seen this lot so often I’m part of the furniture (Miriam’s words, not mine). I photographed Madeline (sister) & Rory’s wedding out in Como nearly two years ago now, since then I’ve kind of become the family photographer, so it’s really nice when I get to be part of the family again for something as special as this. It really was great to see everyone again, I had great memories from our last jaunt to Como and no doubt there’ll be plenty more to made this time around.

Can we have some cheese please?

I’m Documentary all the way, nothing posed, nothing staged - that’s my appeal, Miriam wanted a bit of cheese though, ok not so much cheese but a 2 minute posed unposed picture session, which we did, in two minutes. Nothing OTT, nothing time consuming, just some quick easy portraity-type pictures after the ceremony.

Small, simple, beautiful

As this was the pre-wedding warm-up, it wasn’t a full day of coverage, simply the ceremony and a few drinks after - the full shebang will be happening very shortly in Italy where there’ll be plenty of dancing, partying and celebration guaranteed (I know what this lot are like already).

The ceremony itself was lovely, because of the intimacy of the ceremony it was held in the Norman Chapel at St Peter’s Church in Prestbury…the smallest chapel I’ve ever photographed in and it was incredible!! Just right for the vibe of the day and really brought everyone together.

Anyway that’s enough talk, here’s a few pictures from the afternoon.

Slideshow set to music first and a few images below.

If you’re looking for someone who’s absolutely not like a wedding photographer ie no faff or fuss, someone who’s more of a guest than a stand here do this type of photographer. If you want pictures of your wedding that are unique to you, something different that really shows your day how it is, please get in touch, I’d love to speak to you about your plans.

Photographer info

Everything was shot on a Fujifilm Xpro-2 body and an 18mm F2 lens. Aperture priority mode was used throughout the day so I could focus on moment and connection. Ricoh GR ii camera carried as backup. All images edited with AlienSkin Exposure X4.