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Pictures of the day series | Day 8 | Relaxed Luxury Cheshire Wedding

Get your bouquet out

There's nothing quite like seeing a line-up of normal people turn into an elbow shoving hoard of loons.  Welcome to the bouquet toss!  
I think these pictures speak for themselves and I absolutely love the determination here.  10 out of 10 for effort !  
Taken at Merrydale Manor in Cheshire, a lovely wedding venue if I do say so myself.  

bomKnights photography offers a unique and relaxed approach to wedding photography.  Based in Cheshire, covering weddings across the UK, Europe and Internationally.

Nothing ever posed, staged or set-up. All pictures taken with #Fujifilm #Xpro2 camera & 18mm F2 lens.  Edited using #MastinLabs (Lightroom) and Alienskin Exposure X3.