Is it emotion - really?

Wedding photographers talk about feeling, emotion and moments in posts they write.  Same with bio's and introductions on websites.  Whimsical words about feeling the moment, heartfelt emotion, capturing special times and all sorts of other stuff.

And that's a lovely sentiment, really it is. 

The trouble is, or the pattern I've noticed is, the more words that are written, the soppier the paragraphs, the less the pictures actually match the words.  Lovely long stories written eloquently only to be supplied with pictures of people looking out of sorts, a bit awkward or uncomfortable.  Where are the pictures with smiles reaching eyes?  The gracefully posed couples who look extatically happy?  Where are the moments exactly? The ones that match the words written??

And that's sad, are we, as photographers masking our emotionless pictures with words, is that the trend these days?  Are we so desperate for couples to like our work that we will say anything in the hope their minds are clouded by our writings and they don't actually study the pictures themselves?  Do we care more for writing fancy verses and lines of love than we actually do about the pictures?  The very things we should be caring about.

Please, please, please if you're a new photographer in the business, don't hide behind words and false promises, let your pictures tell the story, show the emotion, after all you're a photographer not a writer. 

I really hope this trend stops soon, it's diluting the power of pictures, saying words doesn't make a picture great.