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I know, I know Facebook is full of wedding support groups  - do we REALLY need another?  Yes I would say, this is mine so it certainly is on the 'need' list. 

Seriously though, I was a member of a fair few of these types of groups, until I either left (because they can turn into judgmental bitch fests) or got booted out for being too honest (you'll find I'm rather upfront about things, surely that's a good thing)

Anyway, I've set up a safe haven for potential couples of mine to chit chat about weddings, say what they like, be as honest as they like, ask honest questions, give advice and tips to each other about their wedding, there's also going to be some of my past couples in there who will give you a completely honest opinion on all manner of things if you ask.

I want this to be a true support community for people who've booked me as their wedding photographer, or people who are thinking of booking me - how well it works is largely up to you guys (the people who join it), feel free to invite your family, friends, bridesmaids, groomsmen or anyone who's going to be a part of your wedding.

There will be no other vendors here, no-one will be advertising anything or peddling their wares, so think of it like a big (hopefully) virtual coffee shop where you can have a good natter, ask for advice or just blow off some steam.

Here's the link - https://www.facebook.com/groups/193362621287499/