2020, 2021 & 2022 wedding dates opening soon| Early bird price

Eager beavers

Every year people book earlier and earlier, you're certainly an organised bunch these days. 

While I usually hold ut until later on to open my future years up, I've decided to do it a bit earlier this time and a bit differently. 


Fewer weddings

I'm shooting less weddings a year going forward, mostly for a better work life balance, my kids are growing up so quick I don't want to miss the golden years, also I have a few long term personal projects I want to dedicate more time to, I also want more family time - holidays and free weekends! 


More importantly for you eager beavers, I want to make sure you get me at my best, too many weddings a year will leave me sloppy and no-one want's a burnt out, fed up, chicken coop sloppy photographer at their wedding.  So yeah - less weddings, more refreshed me, more focus on people, more focus on your pictures, more more more more more  = everyone's happy, like really happy.  


How many?

I'm reducing the number of weddings I shoot a year to 20, but holy crap they're going to be amazing. 

Doors will be open next week for bookings in 020, 2021 and 2022 on a first come first served basis, some perfectly organised planners have already snagged some dates....sorry they snuck in while I wasn't looking - actually guests at previous weddings mostly and I can't very well say no to people like that can I, but fear not, I'm not waving my arms around in a panic saying all dates are nearly gone like a madman (just yet, in fact I won't anyway).  Anyway, the gates are officially open on Monday 2nd April 2018 so get yourselves ready. 


Pre-register your interest  

You can pre-register your interest via the contact form on my website, button below just click it. I won't be holding dates until Monday 2nd of April and no dates will be held without a deposit, so don't be cheeky.

Here's to the next few years choo chooo !


Paul (aka bomknights) is a specialist documentary wedding photographer living in Cheshire.  Covering weddings across the globe is a unique, personal, relaxed and pretty damn good way.  Paul likes any type of wedding in any location, he's always saying "People make weddings, not places". He's also got no idea why he's talking about himself in the third person, he's not usually this odd don't worry.