Wedding pictures - the important things

The real value of your wedding pictures

Statistically the biggest regret people have about their wedding pictures?

Not having all the in-between bits, the people, the normal things, the looks, the moments, people enjoying themselves  - all the stuff that make the memories of your wedding, the things that make up your wedding day.

I've got you covered, that's what I do.  

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relaxedcheshire wedding photographer0253.jpg
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I'm a relaxed documentary wedding photographer living in Cheshire.  It doesn't matter where you live, if you want real, fun, honest and unique photography at your wedding, have a nosey around, I might just be exactly what you need  (if you want a full, raw, memory filled story of your wedding day - if you want the standard stuff I'm not the photographer for you).   Get in touch and let's create you some proper memories.