Mistaken identity - proper documentary

You know that awkward moment when you're all stood in a room to 'meet the registrar' and they don't let photographers in because, ummm I don't know why actually but they don't. 

Anyway, the registrar looks at one of the guests who's brought their own camera to the wedding and happens to be stood next to me,  and says "Sorry you'll have to leave, it's family only while we do this part, you should know better as the photographer" and everyone looks at me as if to say "but HE'S the photographer" and I say nothing, and the guest points at me and says "he's the photographer", and I look at him and say "haha very funny, nice try Mr photographer out you get", and the registrar says "yes out you get" and there's this awkward stand off between the registrar and the non-photographer until I pipe up and admit to being the actual photographer.  

Yeah that moment, that's because I fit in, because I'm a proper documentary photographer not a pretend one.  

Here's a picture of everyone looking at the guy who isn't the photographer.  


Wedding in Cheshire in case you were wondering.