A Relaxed Cheshire Wedding - photography by me Documentary style

Do you want your wedding photography to be nice and relaxed?

Good, then you might be in the right place.  Here's a very very relaxed wedding in Cheshire.

Yep  I'm a rather very relaxed wedding photographer, so relaxed in fact I don't behave like a wedding photographer at all.  Take this wedding, featuring Cat & Dan (who's wedding it was).  They wanted a very low key approach, didn't want to feel like they were being forced to smile all day and certainly didn't want to be stopping and starting their day for pictures.  So they got me - the very relaxed cheshire documentary (or reportage) wedding photographer...based in cheshire but covering pretty much anywhere because I'm so unique....just thought I'd get that in there.

Anyway, lovely relaxed wedding day it was too, ceremony in Stockport followed by a great celebration in Heaton Moor, Cheshire.  The thing with having your wedding photography relaxed is you're relaxed, and if you're relaxed then you get to just enjoy your wedding day celebrating with each other and everyone else there.  It's all very unique to you, an exclusive record of your wedding day without actually feeling like you're on show for pictures, pictures and memories that are completely personal to you as a couple and I guess that's the difference with a true documentary approach to wedding photography - it's not about standing outside posing, the same exact picture for each and every couple...ohhh no, documentary wedding photography is about you as people, actual memories, how unique and special your day was to you.  It's exclusive and personal (and not awkward - which is nice) 

Anyway enough waffling from me, get in touch if you're looking for something different, something personal - less generic.

Paul (bomKnights)