bomKnights featured amongst the world's best photographers - wtf!

Crikey, me, really?

About 6 months ago I was approached by Mark from Shotkit, (a website that features the camera gear of the world's best photographers) to write a piece on the kit I use to photograph weddings.

Anyway, I promptly forgot I'd been asked, Mark chased me again, then again when I forgot to put something together the second time, until eventually we got to where we are now - a feature on shotkit with a bunch of the world's best photographers.  

Nonchalant attitude aside, it's a real honour to be recognised to this level for my work and my approach to weddings.  This is a global list of the worlds best photographers and not only to be asked, but to be persistently asked to become a part of it is really quite special.

So here's my feature for anyone interested - bomKnights on shotkit