UK Documentary Wedding Photographer - Personal faves of 2017 #5 of 100

Cheshire based UK Documentary Wedding Photographer on tour in Italy

Here's one of those wedding pictures that just takes itself, honestly there's no magic involved, just pressing a button.  The thing about being a Documentary Wedding Photographer is you just learn to observe, nothing fancy, just watch and take pictures without drawing attention to yourself and disturbing a moment.

This one's from Madeline & Rory's magnificent wedding on the shores of Lake Como, Italy (I had to endure a week with them over there, poor me or was it the other way round) taken at Villa Passalacqua a lovely Italian wedding venue

Wedding photographs with context

No matter what I'm taking pictures of I have a keen desire for my pictures have context, context gives pictures meaning, a story or lets them form part of a set of pictures that go together that tell a story - a story of a wedding.

I love this picture because it's just one of those times you're in the right place at the right time for something like this to happen - was it pure luck, do we as photographers create our own luck or is there something more to it ?  Who knows, but here it is, a perfect combination of moment, light, luck and whatever other descriptive terms you want to use.  Oh, and it reminds me of some fantastic days spent with a bunch of great people too ! 


Lake como relaxed wedding photographer