Cheshire Documentary Wedding Photographer - Personal faves of 2017 #1 of 100

Cheshire based Documentary Wedding Photographer  

In no particular order of favouritism here’s a series of some of my personal favourite wedding photography pictures from 2017. 

I don’t expect these pictures to appeal to everyone but I like them so there 😜 


Manchester Town Hall Wedding Photographer

So then, number 1 is this picture from the wedding of Claire & Curtis at Manchester Town Hall.  

I like this picture because it sums up the whole night...epic.  I’ve never seen a dance floor so packed all night, I don’t think I’ve ever drank so much at a wedding either!  

I cant quite remember but I think this was taken at about 1am in the morning, the atmosphere was off the chart, everyone was giving it plenty on the dance floor like they had been all night.  

Thats the great thing about the way I approach weddings as Documentary Wedding Photographer  - I’m part of it, one of the gang for the day, gives me a great insight so I can tell the story of a wedding from the inside, get some real memories.

Anyway here’s the pic 🕺🏻