Ohhh check out that amazing light

Documentary Wedding Photography - priorities  

Wedding photographers talk about light - a lot!  Find the light, sunset, golden hour, blue hour, beautiful light ya de ya ya.   Apparently light is the number one priority when it comes to beautiful pictures.

As a documentary wedding photographer I have a different priority, something much more important - a moment.  I hunt them, they’re all I care about, above anything else because moments are about people, moments make the story of a wedding and the story of a wedding is what I’m there to tell.  

You aren’t going to look back on your pictures with fond memories and say “awww just look at that light there, that was pretty special”, what you do want to do is look back on your wedding pictures and say “OMG we had an amazing day”, every picture I take is about moments, the people that made your day what it was and the pictures showing who they are.

Moments, that’s what your day is about and that’s what the pictures of your day will show. 


Awful light meh, nice moment 🤘