UK Wedding Photographer

Reportage Wedding Photographer 


All natural (not naked) wedding photography.

No fuss, no faff, just great pictures of good times.  Here's what I promise you:

•You get me for the day, that's a full day - no running off just after the first dance or looking at my watch constantly until home time.  I'm there for the duration

•A full narrative of your wedding day  - an honest story full of character, emotion with you looking your happiest and best

•I can't promise how many pictures you'll get but you will get them all - properly edited by me, online in your own gallery, you have full access to download all your pictures, or share them or print them

•You get to relax on your wedding day, no photographer fear, no having to stage you looking happy for pictures, no interrupting conversations for photos 

•No hidden extras to pay for, no expenses or travel costs to add on, no option to add on extra hours, no second shooter charges - if I bring one I'll pay for them, the price you pay is the price you pay

•No awkwardness, no weird poses (ask about my wedding pictures where I was made to squat under a tree with my hand on my chin, it was ridiculous  - it was years ago, before I knew there was a choice)...I know what awkward feels like, no daft poses or fake smiles here 

I’m a Reportage Wedding photographer based in Cheshire, I travel the UK and worldwide so don’t worry about distance.  

Go take a look around, if you like the cut of my jib get in touch.