2017 Documentary Wedding Photography - ahhhhh thank YOU

2017 UK Documentary Wedding Photography 

Hey - you, yes you who's wedding I was at.  Just saying a huge thanks to all the bloody glorious people I've met this year and  thank you for having me with you as part of your wedding day. 

I can quite safely say I had a brilliant time with each and every one of you, you've made me part of the family for a day, taken me the length and breadth of the UK and overseas and even though I've more to do in 2017, I thought it would be nice to put a year so far up here somewhere.

'Not' the best of 2017 - A UK Documentary Wedding Photographer roundup 

So for all you lovely people, here's a roundup of 2017 so far - as per usual from me it's a random selection of pictures from 2017, I like them all they bring back good memories.

2018 and beyond 

I can't wait to see what 2018 and beyond brings, if the new bunch are as crazy as the 2017 bunch we're going to have a blast ! 


More thanks

I've worked with a lot of great people this year - wedding florists, wedding cakey makers, wedding dress designers, venue decorators, photographers, dj's, bands, singers, magicians, registrars, photographers, master of ceremonies, caterers, venue staff and everyone else - sorry I can't remember half of you I'm completely useless with names, but thank you anyway ;)