Manchester wedding - A full sample wedding shot Documentary style

Unposed wedding photography - A full wedding from Manchester Town Hall wedding venue

It's great seeing blog posts about weddings and wedding venues, getting married etc, they're full of ideas if you've recently got engaged and are looking for a wedding photographer in the UK or abroad.  

Wedding photographer blogs are a great way to quickly get an idea about a wedding photographer but they don't really tell the full story of a wedding day, or more specifically give an insight as to what you're actually paying for on your wedding day (from a photography perspective)

So here's a full view, a full uncut wedding day, this particular one is from Manchester Town Hall - a great wedding venue in Manchester that's closing for refurb soon.  Anyway it's more about the pictures here, this is what you can expect from this Documentary Wedding Photographer - always, always, always look at full weddings, not sample wedding albums, or just wedding blogs, but full weddings - that's what you're paying for so you really need to see what a full day looks like.  Otherwise you really might end up with 50 good pictures and the rest being absolute tat - seen that happen before.


Manchester, UK & International Documentary wedding photographer

Click on the 'Wedding Sample' button below to see a full gallery from a recent wedding.  This particular wedding is from a great Manchester wedding venue - Manchester Town Hall.  

As a Documentary Wedding Photographer I was there all day - didn't run off as soon as the first dance was done (or charge extra for staying behind longer) Documentary means all day, so that's what it is....7.30am until 02.30am in this case, yes this was a helluva party !! 


Wedding slideshow - A short documentary wedding slideshow

Here's a cut down version of the gallery set to music, for anyone who really can't be bothered going through all the pictures it gives an idea of what the wedding in Manchester was like


Do I just cover Manchester weddings?

Good grief no, I'm actually based in Cheshire and because my work is rather niche (not a lot of people do it like I do), I travel a great deal.  All over the UK, Europe and rest of the world actually. 

So while I'm technically a Cheshire Documentary Wedding Photographer because I live in Cheshire, I'm actually a UK & International wedding photographer - so if you're on a hill in Scotland reading this then yes, absolutely I cover your area, and further.